Top 5 Best Christmas Presents for Teenagers! ??December 2018!

The results are in! Christmas is almost here and teenagers can be incredibly hard to shop for. We have answers! A consumer report has just been published, …


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  1. My 6 year old daughter asked for Crypto when she lost her first tooth last year. She now has her own wallet with .5 of a BTC in it (she's lost more teeth and got more each time). You never know, it may pay for college down the road 🙂

  2. Crypto is not "the cutting edge". Crypto is yesterday's story. It's old news. It's a speculative bubble which came to life thanks to the abundance of cheap credit central banks have been pumping over the past few years. But now that interest rates are on the rise, the Crypto bubble has burst, and speculators are moving on.
    Save what is left of your investment and get out, before the next leg down!

  3. I'm already getting my kids $50 each of Bitcoin that they can't touch till they're 18. On top of some tangible gifts so I don't look like a loser dad haha… but in a few years they'll thank me!!

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