Top 5 Altcoins With Working Products!!! Demo Videos!!! [Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Investment Strategy]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team Let’s talk about the TOP 5 Altcoins With Working Products! My picks! My picks are: Vechain [VET] Pundi X [NPXS] Basic Attention Token …


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  1. Such a very informative video! What a breath of fresh air in regards to cryptocurrency youtube videos. You explained the details and function of each coin unlike many other videos that consist of people who usually say little about the product and ramble on about opinions full of conjecture and speculation. I appreciate this video

  2. SWTH – switcheo, Already have a working product. 100% burn rate, Best DEX so far and easy to use. Support is also the best.
    QRC20 & ERC20 tokens will be trading soon. Fiat integration by end of year.

  3. VeChain is definitely a great project. The value they bring to space and how they plan on bringing blockchain to the business world. They just keep ramping it up with their partnerships and the potential gains you can make off this project in the future are ridiculous!

  4. Apollo Currency is an excellent altcoin with a working product. Its the Craigslist of the crypto world and also has a platform for ICOs just like ETH. They strive on being the all-in-one crypto. They only been out for 2 months and have already established countless of partnerships and vetted ICOs. Should be in my opinion top 5 coins in the near future.

  5. Many fine points made in the video. There are so many great projects out there, but one stands out for me big-time. The STAKER project. A proof of stake Eth token with a dynamite use case. This one is going to be hugely successful.

  6. have you tried at the min they are on double bonus.
    Each day you get 1.4% split into 4 payments of 0.35%
    Your initial Investment is payed back over the 99 days @ a rate of 1% per day. With 0.4% being your profit.
    There is no lump sum payment at the end because you have been payed already over the 99 day contract
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    To buy your coins when you sign up and buy or sell $100 of bitcoin or more, you'll both earn $10 of free bitcoin!

    Or On the BTC bot, the term is 120 days, of which 1% daily is your investment being given back to you, and 0.2% is your profit. Same protocol as the LTC and ETH bots as far as the maturing of the active investments. or 1.5% of your investment Daily for 99 days
    – Earning every 6 hours
    – Min. Investment 0.01 BCH

    Or ripple

  7. Great comparision on upcomming bullish alt coins, I implore to suggest for ya to make ETN on the 5th spot… ETN instant payment system coming this September, banking the unbanked which other people forget about which had a huge market 99% of the world population now than 1% of the crypto enthusiast and elites placing their position now….

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  9. Power Ledger will win Extreme Tech challenge @ necker Island with Richard Branson – October 19. Forget the wank of these other coins. Power ledger isn't a coin – its blockchain technology success story.

  10. Guys, try a new coin (EXMR at IDEX) with such low circulating supply just 11m and hence price will go up soon, a good project and very good price… Can be a great ROI in rally. Good one. Study and try

  11. i think substratum could get interesting back end of the year when they release there mesh net. Decentralising by encrypting data and running it through nodes making users immune to censorship. In such a political climate with the likes of article 13 coming out of the EU i think the environment is right for it. If they can pull it off a free VPN that earns the user money as they use it wil be good. Now if the node could cover the cost of the ISP then it essentially could make the internet free as well as open. I think it has a lot of potential and if partnered with some others in the space could be a sleeper.

  12. If you looking for a coin with real usecase ,serious team ,upcoming releases i suggest DADI (DADI). It aims for creating a decentralized cloud service which will put the power into the hands of the users instead of the big corporations. It kept its price al trough the bear market. They will release soon, and if the bulls come it will surely multiply its price. DYOR

  13. With the auto industry moving towards electric vehicle's POWR Is positioned well too take advantage of this. Carparks could start installing solar and selling directly too consumers.

  14. Amazing video, thank you! Do you take part in Defi platforms? Recently my friend told me about S4fe. As I get this project has created a database for reg, geolocate, and identify for stolen or lost objects. Will this solution rise?

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