Top 4 Cryptocurrency Investing Tips for Beginners | Warning to all NEW Crypto Investors in 2021

What is the best advice for bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading? What is the best Cryptocurrency to buy right now? Today is an IMPORTANT video, as we give you …


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  1. Been in the space for a few years so this wasn’t new but it was a great overview and so, so important for all the new people entering the space. Nobody makes videos like this and this is critical knowledge.

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  3. Cool video! What do you think about DeFi? I always have problems with finding a good project to invest but not long ago found the S4FE platform. The main idea is to provide registration and search for stolen and lost items. Do you know about it? Is it good?

  4. Amazing video! Defi systems sphere is developing fast this year but still hard to find a good project. Recently I read on Forbes about S4fe – Defi platform, a project that can create a database for stolen or lost items. I want to know your opinion about it

  5. Great video. But looking at the chain of distribution, The manufacturer is most important, so having a fixed asset guarantees nonstop turnover on all investment when it comes to real estate investing but that takes alot of paperwork so the aim is stocks,
    Contact me for further insights on gradually owning shares without any third party or company bs
    + 1 2 6 2 6 7 1 8 3 6 0

  6. Hey, thanks once again. Can you maybe give another explanation regarding supply and what is circulating? You used link and litecoin as an example, and said lite was better when comparing supply. Why?

  7. Great video, I just wanna say this is my first time of trying out the bitcoin trade, I have tried in stock trade investments, but never in bitcoins, now I wanna try. All I need is a good advise in the right direction and how to begin. That is all i wanna know for now. I do not wanna loose any money.

  8. Very good never heard this explained although the price cap is mentioned so so often in very many video's concerning alt coins and the alt coin market. Very good.

  9. Great content, so if the circulation supply is equal to the max supply, it that means that the coin has less room for inflation? Thanks for your tips!

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