Top 3 Mistakes NEW Cryptocurrency Investors Should Avoid in 2021?! | BitBoy Crypto

Cryptocurrency hodlers – What are 3 big mistakes to avoid in May 2021? Today we are joined by Ben of Bitboy Crypto to discuss bitcoin, ethereum, cardano, and …


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  1. Love Ben’s perspective on giving.

    It’s better to give than receive. When we understand this, abundance follows.

  2. Loving this guys! What a time to be interested in something groundbreaking! Thanks for being the only YTChannel/news source (crypto related or otherwise) I genuinely like and want in my notifications! Keep doing what you do! Good look out there!

  3. Man, I really try to keep it all positive but Bitboy… There are so many more interesting and relevant voices in this space. I don't understand why so many give him a platform. His content is really pretty bad. Not going to thumbs down but still, looking forward to this not being on my recommended channels

  4. Animal hunters will all go to HELL unless they repent for their sins now. It doesn't matter how much cardano or ethereum you have, animal killers will suffer dearly. Please repent before it is too late. What I say is the truth and deep down you know it is true.

  5. Guys, there is a brand new coin which is called @limeswap, it is just like @cake coin.
    You can even stake it, Do not miss that opportunity, you can buy it on @pancakeswap.

  6. Take profits on shitcoins of course, but why would you ever take profits from an ever-appreciating asset when you could just borrow against it

  7. I love watching you guys but like to read as well. For a beginner, any reading material you could let you followers know about? Teaching entries, cycles, patterns, taking profits and when exiting do you sell up to 75-80% or all of it looking for another entry?

  8. Exactly, it's always great to understand what you are putting your money into, that's why I love doing my research before investing in anything, and am glad to have got in $sale of @dxsale some weeks ago………@dxsale is a launchpad platform with governance,and a good staking mechanism for users across various blockchains.

  9. Understanding history is fine when you have plenty of history to fall back on. No history in this young market yet brother. It’s a Brave New World IMO.

  10. Great, sir

    Could you say my opinion on $REDPAN? That’s a wonderful coin. Saw smb was discussing it on Twitter. They say Red Panda Token is made to protect red pandas?

  11. Then should i sell my ethereum and cardano before the bear market? I cant understand if i should hold them long term or simply sell before bear market. Anyone's opinion?

  12. Enjoyed the video a lot mate, you rly are my favorite influencer

    Need to hear your view about VidiaChange, i think they are bullish. greatest insurance stuff but now it is at a low cost. Do you feel I can still receive some cash dude?

  13. Wow, Thx for the amazing video! I’m your big fan!
    Could you give your opinion on BeyondFinance? In fact, they give extraordinary high rewards, and their system seems cool! Is it worth giving it a try?

  14. need your view on KAWA. Can’t make a decision about them. I see it growing but I can’t haven’t gotten into memetokens before. Help me Plz!

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