Top 3 Altcoins Set To Explode in 2020 | Best Cryptocurrency Investments 2020 September

As Bitcoin‘s price climbs higher, I asked YOU to choose the top altcoins that have massive potential in 2020. You chose the coins. I gave you my thoughts!


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  1. Ripple is one of my favorite. I have a few hundred ripples. I would like to buy more. What do you think about QNT? its at around $10 right now

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  3. Loved the explanation but you need to make a review of cloud storage coins for example Internxt Drive, user files are end-to-end encrypted, and only the user holds the encryption
    key of these. Additionally, files are split into fragments and servers only hold shards -never complete files. This disruptive infrastructure, which is decentralized and spread all over the globe, grants the user significantly superior levels of privacy and security, when compared to competing services.

    An altcoin everyone should check-out! ? $INXT

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  5. wow what an amazing video ,he's explained it all, i will advise any one buying to buy now. Most people don't actually know that the best time to invest in during crisis and recession investing a $1000 now can turn you into a millionaire sometime later

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  7. Great video, I just wanna say this is my first time of trying out the bitcoin trade, I have tried in stock trade investments, but never in cypto. To be honest I do not even know the difference between both, now I wanna try crypto. All I need is a good advise in the right direction and how to begin. That is all I wanna know for now. I do not wanna loose any money.

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