Top 2 Altcoins to Buy in September 2020 | Best Cryptocurrency Investments that are SAFE BETS!

What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in September 2020? What top altcoins are “safe bets”? I am not a certified financial advisor so do YOUR OWN research, …


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  1. Thanks sir for this video it best to
    Secure your future with a decent invest because you never can tell what can happen in the economy so that what ever happens you are sure your income is safe

  2. Wouldn't each charge by a swipe card be considered a taxable event in the US (that would need to be filed) since it's converting crypto to USD? If so, that's my biggest gripe with that offering.

  3. Don't miss out from $YFI2 and $ZEN, very good project.
    *Total supply: 35,00 YFI2
    *Circulatio: 25,000
    * Supply reserved for staking rewards: 7,500
    *$YFI2 Liquidation lock is 100% for 1 year.

    Total supply: 50,000 ZEN
    *Use for Rewards: 13,567 ZEN
    * Development s :500 ZEN
    *$ZEN Liquidation lock is 100% for 1 year.
    *Telegram: @yearn2finance

  4. It is important to note that Utopia is not a whitepaper, some abstract idea or statement of intent. This is a fully functional software product ready to be used.

  5. Very informative video, thank you! Do you participate Defi platforms? Not long ago my friend told me about S4fe. As I get this platform has created a database for reg, geolocate, and identify for stolen or lost objects. Will this solution rise?

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