Top 10 Crypto Founder GOES OFF on US Regulators (MEGA BLOW UP)

Top 10 Crypto Founder GOES OFF on US Regulators (MEGA BLOW UP) Charles Hoskinson is tired of Gary Gensler & the SEC …


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  1. Yeah basically. Eliets be like, "Op! Looks like we had a nationwide/worldwide hiccup. Hey poor people, you're used to pain right? Here take some more." And we move on.

  2. Charles was fine but your comments were unnecessarily critical of his manner: he is totally justified in pointing out the govt and SEC bias against which is political and neither legal nor lawful. The govt wants socialist control of a centralised economy. That's what's really going on here.

  3. The problem is the Biden administration, know if‘s and‘s or be buts…..Nothing more!!!! This is the worst administration to run this country in 200+ years. They want to run us all into the ground financially, mentally and physically. Just look around the United States and tell me what you see, look around the world and tell me what you see? Hoskinson is smarter than anyone reading this!!!!

  4. More people need to stand up that have voices like Charles. He has every right to be fired up and all the other weak folks in this space that hide with their tails between their legs. When Ripple was getting sued, not a peep from the industry, no support. Then once the tables were turned and then Coin Base, and some big fish were getting attacked by the SEC then and only then did those companies and a few others open their mouths.

    At least Charles has the balls to say it. Yeah, maybe a bit unhinged but he has every right to be. Instead of talking about how Charles is losing it, or going off, maybe folks should actually listen to what he is saying.

    He is speaking up for everyone in the space, even the Maxis. Open your ears.

  5. He is right about the regulation not being clear but He is wrong about cardano being a security. Cardano has a founder and a Cardano foundation making the calls for the protocol. Is not decentralized. It is also prove of stake which is a problem as the more token you have the more control you can have over the protocol. The reality is that cardano, Solana and many others are tech companies masquerading as Cryptocurrency😮

  6. I totally agree with Charles, it is so irritating that Gensler continues to regulate through enforcement and claims to protect investors when all he is doing is serve the desires of his political overlords. Congress needs to expedite their work on crypto regulation laws to stop the damage being done by Gensler. Bitcoin maxis were called out on their expectation on profits so they will be mad but it is what it is!

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