TOO LATE TO INVEST IN ETHEREUM? Price Prediction $10,000 per Ethereum Coin!? Bitcoin News

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  1. I've been depressed and severally embarrassed until i got to know about hackersmiftss_ on !nsta their flips has been going smoothly and fine..

  2. digital gold was NEVER said by satoshi, you hypebeasts and pump and dumpers called it digital gold. stop lying to the people!

  3. how can the world adapt to bitcoin when institutions keep buying? how can rural areas around the world use bitcoin offline? how can it be the new world currency? how can the world change with low transaction speeds and high transaction costs and makes ewaste? The bubble will soon pop.

  4. Austin What Good is Crypto Currency If The internet goes down? Can you please tell us how we could spend our coins if the world governments shut down everything including being able to use our phones. I can at least hold gold or silver in my hand, not that well help in the end food is the only thing that will matter.

  5. Exciting video, thanks

    People might have asked you about Playcent. Social active project, TGE soon. They offer full stack appscreating and sharing apps, rewards for governance voting. NFT and DeFi gaming. What do you think?

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