This Video From 2011 is Unbelievable. Bitcoin Has HUGE Asymmetrical Upside Potential!

NBA Approves Players Tokenizing Contracts •Cobinhood Announces Shutdown •White Kid Raps About Crypto •Watch Peter Schiff Video From 2011…Wow.


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  1. Proof of keys as taken another victim. Bye bye Cobinhood. Great news about Dinwiddie being able to tokenize his contract. It just sucks that “accredited” investors only. Just from me taking the deep dive into BTC has taught me more about monetary policy & what is money than all my yrs of schooling. Anyone in crypto has had to learn by trial through fire, losing $$ and or eventually reading the Bitcoin White paper. My point in saying all this is, being in crypto, I’m more qualified than some of my clients oh are “accredited” b/c of their net worth. The wealthy getting wealthier, but I’ll keep stacking my Sats in the meantime & vote for people who will change the current laws to include people like us into the “accredited” column. Keep up the good reporting.

  2. 100% gold will soon vanish because the next pole shift is going to happen within 70 – 100 yrs from now.. the elite will save tye gold for the next generation or they will use it to save their planet nibiru.. now that is my theory.. ???

  3. It's ok in 2011.but that Peter schiff still can't admit that he was/is wrong is mind boggling. I know he wants to protect his gold but still…maybe he is secretly buying btc to hedge and is taking time

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