This NFT Crypto Project is GAME CHANGING! BEST Advice Investing in NFT Cryptos! Charged Particles

Particlons provide functionality you can’t find anywhere else in the crypto space as well as building out game-ready, blockchain


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  1. Nice interview but what he is saying that Charged can do we will have in Arcade Land. But is good to know that Otherside and Arcade land are on the right way without centralization

  2. You guys should definitely make an interview with the doxxed top notch team from Angry Ape Army. Have a look at their website and the team and you will know why I suggest this 👍🏻

  3. TCG World Dragons are gonna 10X this year, so a 2+ ETH floor. The TCG Metaverse is simply breathtaking, and the fully doxed team is as honest as they come. You need to get David Evans or Alex Nase on the show, ASAP!

  4. Hasn't really said yet but is it based on ETH? With the crazy gas fees? Seems like a big mistake. Why not utilize a smarter Blockchain like Cardano, etc

  5. I believe Luna will recover one day. I believe in the founder of Luna plus he still too young, he can make Luna thrive once again.🚀

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