This May Change Your Mind on Bitcoin | MASSIVE Institutional $$ Flowing into Cryptocurrency in 2021

Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media online! How I Would Invest $1000 in Cryptocurrency in 2020 …


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  1. I don't understand how that Chinese lady from CNBC still doesn't get it. She's been hearing about this since probably 2013 and has watched it go from 100 to 20,000. How hard is it to understand this?

  2. I have been buying Bitcoin since it was $400! I cost average in, plus buy larger amounts when massive dips occur. I never sell ever! From the massive growth over the years I have also bought XRP, Ethereum and Stellar.

  3. CNBC talking heads are actually socialists in disguise doing the bidding of China and hate real capitalists. why these phonies are actually still aired is weird. stop watching the MSM. please. you're being played.

  4. Im going to invest in any thing this guys says. I used to be Mark Cuban Fan but now I am big fan of Michael Saylor. we need more people being his fan.

  5. Gotta hate interviewers !!!! that get an important guest on that people want to listen to …then she cuts off his answers in mid-stride …like she is the guest or she is the Einstein in the interview . I will look else where to find a Micheal Saylor interview ….one thats lets him answer to whatever he is being asked ! Thank you

  6. Let’s say your 500 million investment doubles. What are your plans for the one billion? Somewhere down the line something has to happen with that cash. If you don’t invest it back into society we will suffer the same consequences as Japan back in the early eighties.

  7. My eBay account got suspended no mail was sent I never violated any rules nor copyright I filed a complaint to eBay but no response I talked to a friend who once had same issues he referred me to John_hack112_ on 1G within some minutes my account was perfectly restored.

  8. I like Michael Saylor, he understands his choices perfectly and I can't argue with his reasoning and long term plan. When folk put their money where their mouth is then I pay attention.

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  10. I’d advise people do research on the Pi Network, which is a new cryptocurrency that you can mine for free on mobile. You can download the Pi app on the app store and Google play. You need an invitation code to make sure you’re not a bot, so feel free to use “Cringeycrisp” when it asks you for one (same as my YouTube username). Obviously do research first though -do not just take my word for it lol.

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