This Man Dedicates HIS LIFE To Bitcoin | Brian Harrington | Opt-In To Bitcoin’s Circular Economy

Lead Organizer Of The OC Bitcoin Network, Brian Harrington, Joins Us To Talk Bitcoin, Bitcoin Meetups, And How To Opt-In To The Bitcoin Circular Economy.


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  1. Do you want to know why Paypal will completely swallow crypto's user base?
    Paypal's UX and entry/transactions cost is miles ahead from infrastructures like Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. There is no prospect that native Bitcoin and LN will improve UX anytime soon, and judging by its current design it may never happen. You need to understand that people outside of the tech savvy niche do not want to deal with any of the difficulties and friction related to getting into cryptos via exchanges and transacting directly on the blockchain.

    Here are a few major issues: lack of trust from users in the exchanges, concerns about security and user error leading to losses, high cost of transactions and unfamiliar UX (having to send money to a long blob of characters is less than ideal). Paypal is miles ahead when it come to these factors. What is even more important: most people will never choose to "be their own bank" unless there is an imminent risk of financial/political crisis that could result in frozen and/or confiscated balances. Custodians provide a safety net against every day fraud, they can reverse fraudulent transactions, and they can operate commonly place transactions at a much lower cost – if you think this does not matter then you are delusional.

    Banks/custodians are not all bad as crypto maximalists would like us to believe.

  2. A call to action.. I love it.. We must build the world we want to see. It won't just happen without us opting out of the current corrupted system. Take the extra steps and let's make the decentralized world we need and want become a reality!

  3. A follow-up video with some step by steps to do some of what was being discussed would be awesome. Create some challenges for people to complete and show they did it with other people.

  4. My question for the guest, the hosts and anyone that reads this comment, would be:

    We know that big companies and big banks they are starting to buy BTC.
    My question is: What will happen to the people that still have 0 BTC when this companies and banks buy big amount of BTC (lets say 70%)? They will still use FIAT currency. But until when? and then?

  5. ???? Watching Bitmex's endless loop liquidation on the offer…. seeing it refresh $40M every 10-minutes… and getting 3 phone calls from friends.. March 2020 .. most memorable

    I told my friends "chill out, stop crying, buy more!"

    And here we are, $15,500. .. ????

  6. Nice video ? it’s crazy how you guys are talking about meetups and all of us in Europe are experience some form of lockdown. Hopefully in 2021 we will be able to do meetups again.
    I also love that switch of thinking, why do we need to use Fiat anymore? I was so excited when I was collecting money for a friends birthday present and I said as a joke send me your contribution in Bitcoin….and one of my friends did. ?
    I’m looking as BTC as collateral, i will sell a bit to upgrade the car….but my family is in a good position, I’m earning interest on it using Nexo and if I need cash I can get a loan based on the collateral.

  7. After different comments about walhackk_fx on !πstagram's honesty towards his investors and how the get their bitcoin doubled, I decided to follow him up and I invested $650 worth of Bitcoin and got a withdrawal of $5850 in 6 days…this a true broker

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