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  1. Sorry sorry, I do not give a crap about sponsored content. The minute you said sponsored I knew your video was complete biased crap that I need to avoid at all costs so that I don't lose my precious money.

  2. Sponsored vids like this, I'd guess, are not beneficial for most of your viewers. A lot of people will watch without noticing it's sponsored and buy too much of it. Usual content is much better. ?

  3. @Altcoin Daily So, You're Saying Michael Saylor Is Wrong? For being a Billionaire I guess he must be ignorant of something, right? So, the reason BTC is so random is NOT because of leverage traders or alt coins… What if we all continued just ignoring Michael Saylor and just bought alts and traded… just didn't only hodl bitcoin because of greed and just kept gambling away our gains… I guess the world would be better off in your book, right? Cause, that's what I hear… and what I see. Makes me wonder what would happen if we did listen though… and everyone just hodled BTC… IMAGINE the gains the… I guess he really is just a dumb guy after all thinking we could all agree… or maybe, we will all catch on that Michael Saylor is right after all. Give me your thoughts

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  5. I'm concerned by the fact that they can't even spell 'accredited'. Also, does anyone else get a major 'I don't really know what I'm talking about' vibe from this guy?

  6. Not on coingecko or coinmarketcap. Where could you possibly acquire it? And MPC is an existing coin symbol (micropaymentcoin). So this looks a bit too "fresh".

  7. Love your videos but theres something strange here. When you try to go to Uniswap to trade INSTAR, the ticker does not exist and I get this message: "Hi Guys,
    I was going to buy some INSTAR on uniswap when I got this message:

    "Trade at your own risk!
    Anyone can create a token, including creating fake versions of existing tokens that claim to represent projects.
    If you purchase this token, you may not be able to sell it back."

    What is this?
    Isn't INSTAR a token already?

  8. Instar is a nice idea, but what I'd like to see happen is a portion of advertising revenue going back to users…. For example use the network actively get a bigger share…. Share a sponsored post and receive a cut of the advertising revenue for sharing the post…. More customers buy or provide data as a result… Bigger share of revenue…. Now that would be the kind of social network everyone would want to participate in.

  9. Partisia is one of those projects that you can't believe that it's real. And what a TEAM. I mean, WOW.

  10. Need your view on PolkaCover. Can’t take a desition about them. Good insurance option and solutions but some price dumps. I see it growing but I can’t definitely decide about this stuff. Help you bro outttt

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