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  1. Its always the "manipulation" excuse with the influencers when the market crashes. Maybe it crashed because people are scared of new covid varient and caused a cascade of leveraged long liquidations. Its not anyone elses fault besides your own. Nobody is robbing you by manipulation.

  2. HODL if you can wait, if you can't then get out cuz it might go lower with a drop of this size, when in doubt…ZOOM OUT…..at 40K we are still 10X above where we were from last years lows. You don't make it in a month or a few months, the longer you're in this game, the better you will be and your gains will be higher as well. Be patient, don't get manipulated….it all depends on your time preferance.

  3. I love the fear. Every month there is always someone saying "we're in a bear market". Get your weak hands out and let the strong hands keep accumulating rookies💪🏼

    7 year vet

  4. Pfft don’t sweat it. We are still in a bull cycle. Cycles are progressively extending with or without the current FUD around the cold. Stay cool

  5. Congrats on your awards guys. With a wick like that I definitely believe this dump was manipulated. Let's hope it keeps going down so we can back up the truck!

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