This Is HUGE For Bitcoin! The First MAINSTREAM Hedge Fund Just Bought In!

World Famous Hedge Fund Buying Bitcoin! Hedge Fund Manager Paul Tudor Jones, “My Bet Is Bitcoin!” Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. As with everything the 1%ers downplay something then they jump in at once and tell everyone how they should have bought in years ago. By the time the light comes on for the average person Bitcoin will be at the moon

  2. He's buying BTC Futures which will make it even easier for big institutions to manipualte the price of bitcoin. it's nothing to celebrate in my opinion. Can you post your content on LBRY.TV too. It's a decentralized video platform and lots of people are moving over there. Tired of YouTube and their censorship.

  3. The unlimited-fiat crooks are working overtime to keep BTC under 10K. ?
    Strong hands – put up a sell wall at 50K! Make the fiat crooks work!
    Financial advice? Trading advice? – Of course not! ? Just wishful thinking…?
    Btw. Who the heck is Paul Tudor Jones? – Well, better late than never I guess…
    PS: When BTC hits 40K, remove your sell limit, then put the wall up to 100K – don't let them in…
    (My assumption here is that absolutely nobody reads my comments…)

  4. My friends and family said im crazy to invest my hard earned money into BTC.

    Don't forget to get some staking coins into your portfolio.

    I've been buying for a few months now. Always trying to get the amount i planned. Unless i need fiat for something important (Car Repair recently). Or a new tv (mine was one from the 90s, only for consoles. Now i found a good one for cheap).

    Never had any luxury in my entire life. I dont even need an endless supply of luxury. I want a life, where i am not forced to work. I want freedom. And that is what bitcoin might give me. Something that no one could ever give me.

  5. Dinero coin (DIN) used on darkweb will be just like bitcoin but it's used by the cartel to move money without trace and no fee and no taxes!!!!!
    Before you ask where graviex exchange is the place to buy it

  6. What a wonderful 2months it has been in my life since I started trading with blancasmith I have made over $40000 and I have paid all my debts the best thing about blancasmith is that he trades for me weekly and the profit is 100%

  7. Its no news that this is the month everyone has been waiting for when it comes to cryptocurrency mostly Bitcoin which is the leading asset ?? I so much believed everyone has already grow a strong portfolio ahead of halving that is few days from now. For a very good season bitcoin bulls already find a strong support at $9,500 against the US dollars ahead of halving and it will signal good uprise soon as a lot of analyst suggested bitcoin will be trading above 25k. However,  as a trader i have been able to make some research on profitable trading strategy, by doing so i got to know about Alvin Tyler who is not just a Pro trader but also a signal provider, in my first month with Alvin’s daily signals i was able to grow my 1.2btc to a total of 7btc which you agree is a good profit. No point of holding and keep panicking about bitcoin up and down, its advisable you step up your game and make good profit with Alvin’s daily signals, he can be reach via Whatspp:+447380358171 and Telgram @ Alvintyler for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  8. There are approximately 46.8 million millionaires in the world and only 21 million Bitcoins will ever exist (and many are lost already). Grab yours while you can.

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