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  1. I don't think the s10 'supports' the Enjin Platform so much as the Enjin Platform enables all of the S10's cryptocurrency functionality to actually work.

    Without using Enjin they would have had to wait until they could finish their own solution. And if they had to do that I'm not sure they would have even bothered with launching any crypto support for this generation of phones.

  2. Lol Samsung is a pretty tarnished name atm..phones catching fire..folding screen phones having many no i wouldn't waste my money on a samsung coin.

  3. Wouldn’t it be cool if satoshi gave a large portion of his coins to us early adopters…like a thanks for believing sorta way…just a thought

  4. Such a important news from@thecryptosight! the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has meted out a $35,000 fine to Californian Eric Powers for willfully violating the Bank Secrecy Act’s (BSA) registration, program, and reporting requirements in his operation as a P2P exchanger of convertible virtual currency, it's hard penaltyt for Illegal Business.

  5. TRX BTT sucks balls. Hey XRP bout to pump. Go loose all your money. BTC, LTC ADA is all you need. Pure click bait junk. No fuckn clue-back to Twitter

  6. So let me get this straight… there are thousands and thousands of cryptos waiting for mass adoption… but companies like JP Morgan and Samsung are just going to make their own coins… so JP Morgan is not going to use XRP and Samsung is not going to use NPXS. It sort of feels like all the cryptos out there are just playing the role of prototypes but none of them are actually getting adopted. Companies are literally just taking the concepts of existing coins and creating their own version of it.

  7. Crypto very interesting .(what made it so fun for invest -answer is profit with Moon..LOL) if a coin / token payment transation over few minute like ETH ..haha faint right ..just having A on try Apollo coin(APL) damn fast within 2 Sec withdrawal and transfer. i m not a investor just curious about Cryptocurency . bought some test and play for fun. Good luck trade and stake holder.

  8. Samsung ICO is a Scam!!! Site no longer opening & I have invited 5 people & paid for one token to test… It never updated from 2.5 or 3.5 Scam!!!

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