This Guy Absolutely Nailed It Back In April 2013. Wow!!! Bitcoin News | Cryptocurrency News

Watch this whole video! Not only did this guy NAIL IT in 2013. Watch CNBC anchor Michelle Lee SCOFF at Bitcoin for 6 YEARS straight. Follow us on Twitter: …


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  2. Can't remember who showed it, but…BitCoin's surges were coorelated with squeezes to economies…forcing people to find an alternative way to move money. Think…Greece, China, Vancouver housing law change, etc.

    I would look to the next calamity…followed by a banking "lockdown"/holiday in that country to surge BitCoin.–Currently see Deutsche Bank

  3. Your demeaning comments about women asking normal questions (not everybody can be a bitcoin expert from birth) is disgusting, arrogant, hostile. The blonde woman asked nothing wrong. I am neither blonde nor a woman, yet it's clear to see you have a problem.

  4. You have had chance to talk to experts from the start. You have been aware of btc when the price was 500 usd, 1000, 3000, 10 000… When will you buy it? After a couple of years when its 100 000 usd per coin?

  5. The name of the host is Melissa, not Michelle by the way. But yeah.. she's hopelessly clueless. You'd think that for someone who's been hosting a show about money & investments and thus has had plenty a chance of rubbing shoulders with some of the best minds in the space, she would have picked up some insight already. But no, we're ten years in and she's still as ignorant about it as she was in 2013.

  6. I heard pros and cons. Nothing to force you to buy anything. Besides it is true that technologically speaking, Bitcoin’s infrastructure has and will change the world as we know. Just don’t buy it tomorrow…

  7. Mainstream media some are clueless and many are simply doing the bidding of the fed and the banks. If you are long BTC and your remain certain about the future you should realize that the fact that these clowns keep denying is a good thing. Just keep accumulating

  8. I remember reading the Satoshi paper on a libertarian website and downloading btc core, not understanding how to mine or how to get btc. This was in 2009 or 2010. I lost track of the project after that.

  9. i watched till 6 min. i was 15 in 2013 so i was probably too stupid to process any of this. if it was today and someone said this and showed me the graph i would spend some disposable income on it. then when i see the price go up and up buy more and then when it started to go down for 2 weeks in a row i would sell i think. i turned off the video cause u kept insulting the woman when she was being perfectly reasonable in what she was saying.

  10. People fear what they don't understand.
    I think I would've bought it but I definitely wouldn't have put a lot of money in it back then since I didn't understand either. So maybe I'd have like 2 bitcoins but hey… I didn't even hear of Bitcoin until mid 2017

  11. Does clueless look alikes tv anchors, do not fool me. They are playing the acting role and loading on the down low and acting for the audience. Until bull run: Look at the price? Wow, amazing! ???

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