This Crypto Market Prediction Platform Offers Controlled Risk Exposure to Cryptocurrencies

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While other prediction platforms may claim things similar to Trade Fighter, it keeps itself apart from the mainstream competition by providing the whole platform in a decentralized manner.

Trade Fighter is a prediction platform that allows anyone to take part in the growing crypto prediction market and gain exposure to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. Solutions like these are necessary for crypto assets to gain global traction. Doing so in a controlled environment with limits placed on how much money people can deposit is a viable playground for those not familiar with cryptocurrencies just yet.

The Rise of Prediction Markets

Since time immemorial, mankind has always tried to look into the future. From biblical prophecies to the predicting of the outcome of the last US Presidential elections, this is now a normal occurrence. In fact, it has given rise to new gamification business models that allow prediction platforms to “harness the wisdom of the crowd”.

The volatility and the choppy rise and fall of cryptocurrencies have opened up a whole new avenue for prediction market players in recent years as they capture the ups and downs to their advantage. Predicting cryptocurrencies is not new. Even the late John McAfee predicted that Bitcoin would rise $500,000 by the 17th of July this year. That prediction never came true, yet it confirms how bullish some people remain on Bitcoin and other crypto-assets.

As a $1.6 trillion market, crypto is an industry that displays growth potential. Asset prediction, when paired with gamification, is one area that may see a lot of growth in the near future.

Predicting crypto markets is nothing new either. Even a basic trader who opens a long or short position is doing just that: taking in a multitude of cues and data to make mathematical and fundamental predictions on the future value of digital tokens and buying or selling to increase their overall wealth. Even Marge from the Simpsons has shown interest in Bitcoin prices in one episode. The same inputs are used in a prediction market. What differs is the increased risks and higher chances of gains or losses.

Trade Fighter Gamifies Crypto Prediction

While many crypto platforms have started using blockchain and cryptos themselves in the prediction market, most of them are concentrated around real-world events. What differentiates Trade Fighter from others is that not only is it a crypto prediction platform that has the price of digital assets in mind, but it also explores this world through ease of entry and gamification. Prediction markets are built by the people for the people, thus getting as many users onboard is crucial.

The concept is simple: It is a fight between bullish and bearish traders. A participant deposits BNB in a smart contract, selects any of the four supported cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and Dogecoin), depicts if they are a bull or bear and set the desired time frame. Participants can get a guaranteed 97% profit if they predict the market momentum correctly, something that is extremely interesting.

However, it is still possible to lose one’s money through this process. For that reason, the team has put a $200 deposit limit in place. Going long or short is a significant financial risk, and the Trade Fighter team ensures everything can be done in a controlled manner.

What Differs?

While other prediction platforms may claim things similar to Trade Fighter, it keeps itself apart from the mainstream competition by providing the whole platform in a decentralized manner. Most prediction platform service providers offer markets that are custodial in nature, lack transparency, and end up eating a major portion of the winners’ profits.

Trade Fighter counters this by leveraging blockchain itself. Built on Binance Smart Chain, each prediction event is handled through the use of smart contracts. This means there is no human interaction involved, therefore, no manipulation of fraud can occur. The platform doesn’t touch participants’ assets as the private wallets are connected to the smart contracts directly. Profits are distributed immediately in a transparent manner.

Trade Fighter simplifies the whole crypto prediction market that allows anyone to take part in it. The entry barriers are further lowered with the community able to put up as low as $1 worth of BNB on a prediction. In the future, Trade Fighter plans to launch its own BEP20 compliant TDF tokens to aid predictors, but until then, participants can use BNB.

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