THIS BITCOIN CYCLE is VERY DIFFERENT! Dan Held Explains MOST SURPRISING Cryptocurrency Events 2020!

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  1. ?The DAY I read the white paper & looked into it, I understood. The next day I was ALL IN ? BTC was $150?
    Plot twist: I was a broke drunken & angry grunt worker :/ ya… wish I had my shit together then :/
    Is it hilarious & sad? or sadly hilarious or hilariously sad ?
    I don't know but… ?BITCOIN PLEASE GO TO MOON? na•na•na•na°na?STOP GOING SIDEWAYS NOW? na^na^na^na*na?

  2. The most surprising thing is why ETH is still so low. It's not even half of its ATH, yet ETH is behind most of the defi that is pulling in so much investment now.

  3. I bought 100 BTC when it was at 6 cents i stored them on a very old computer with ubuntu OS, obviously i didnt know it was going to rise this much i recycled my old computer and the rest is history….?

  4. they have already done this in my mind, they have and will not say until it does not matter, big money is in and they are doing bitcoin gentrification, millennials your safe financial space is being taken from you by the Adults!

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