THINGS HAVE CHANGED for US Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investors | BitMEX GOING DOWN October 2020

The CFTC has brought criminal charges against BitMEX, world’s biggest cryptocurrency trading exchange, accusing them of allowing the Hong Kong-based …


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  1. WRONG!!!!!! I have been hacked using bitmex on the March 13th ddos atrack! Brand new account a couple hours old, 10.3 BTC stolen off their site. They didn’t give a an F! Arthur you get what you deserve. I will be at the court hearing to see your ass go down.

  2. This is all shenanigans what we have is the government being used by the big Wall Street boys because they operate in the derivatives market and that's the arena that bit Max operates in they don't operate in the physical Bitcoin they operate in the paper Bitcoin which is a derivative marketplace of which is controlled by the big Wall Street boys furthermore bitmax is based out of Hong Kong anybody with a VPN can access bitmax or any other place by using a VPN anybody with technology knows that that's what you use to bypass stuff it's all shenanigans same thing they did with WikiLeaks founder he's not even American citizen either he's based out of Australia

  3. In the Next 2 years Bitcoin will Definitely hit $50k..
    Right now Bitcoin Investment is what we all should be a part of..

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  4. Great video ,Procrastinators, It's Not Too Late to Refinance Your Life . I have been peddling with an authority in the finance industry for 9 years. Where you live now, is largely irrelevant to your investments and how to in enjoy your future .
    Sure, some things make a difference.

  5. We can now see that bitcoin has maintained a stable 10k figure for quite awhile now, at first I was scared seeing the prices drop cause I know how  long it took me to start making profits and now this!  That aside I can boldly say that this year has been a good year for me when it comes to crypto investing.

  6. Level01 is an amazing project, Don't miss out buying tokens great pump coming. Level01 is going to be huge if you haven't bought, buy your tokens now.

  7. After different comments about walhackk on !Ï€stagram's honesty towards his investors and how the get their bitcoin doubled, I decided to follow him up and I invested $650 worth of Bitcoin and got a withdrawal of $5850 in 6 days…this a true broker

  8. just found out bitmex does biometric scan i would never do that for any exchange very dangerous just my thoughts trying to get people use to the digital world im old school and would never do that u dont even do that for a bank and a exchange wants to do it on the net wwwooowww im shocked :zipper_mouth: :face_vomiting:

  9. Fast forward to January 2021, after seeing Robinhood illegally manipulate Gamestop, to protect Citadel, who invested in Robinhood, do you still trust the cronies to enact regulations that protect you?

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