Things Have Changed For Cryptocurrency in 2021! | Fidelity CEO and Jim Cramer Say YES: "Buy Bitcoin"

Fidelity CEO Abigail Johnson takes rare interview, expresses excitement about Bitcoin, as CNBC host Jim Cramer announces he just bought the cryptocurrency!


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  1. What a stupid video! How many searching YouTube to get at 10 year long perspective? But of course predicting "long term" will save your a**.

  2. I am all pro crypto but IMHO CEO Johnson really sounds like she got a quick brief from her marketing department but doesn't really understand what she is talking about at all. I got the feeling like listening to a english teacher who was forced to talk about rocket science because the person who was supposed to be interviewed was suddenly taken ill just minutes before the presentation.

  3. how the fk did abigal johnson get a job let a lone be ceo of fidelity? she does not sound like someone with high iq eq or any q's!

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