THINGS ARE ESCALATING QUICKLY | President Trump Warns America ?? Next Two Weeks Will Be BIG!

President Trump has warned America to expect a “painful” two weeks due to the pandemic. At the SAME TIME he is tweeting about a VERY BIG & BOLD, $2 T …


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  1. Bitcoin is scaling the way blockstream wants, btc not a currency and this crisis has shown not a store of value, btc now is a speculation asset with a zero game end. Btc was supposed to be explain in the white paper but those terms no longer apply, now btc will be expeculated all the way down to zero

  2. Dear Altcoin Daily You clearly don't understand how US financial sistem works, you don't understand how fractional reserve banking works and you don't understand how Fed works. You should really educate yourselve on this matter.

  3. at least he admits "between the lines" that the tax money aint going towards shit anyways. only to privateers. banks loans to EVverything and own everyone

  4. 2 trillion extra cash, which I doubt will be spent on ventilators that were demanded and insufficiently provided against the rising infection rate. Only for infrastructure that helps the NWO push their agenda, building out 5G connection so they can monitor the population like China does, or go further and unleash RFID chip implants onto the masses.

    It's gonna happen sooner or later and being part of any decentralized crypto community almost makes one seem like a revolutionist.

  5. Gr8 vid. I might not be that active on comments anymore but I still watch and like ur videos. ?. By the way can I leave a request for you to make a video on BIDAO. THANKS

  6. Construction Tycoon. We will borrow HUGE Money and then default. The Bank goes down and we get a nice new road. He knows how this works. No Green New Deal.

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