Things Are Escalating Quickly for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in the United States, China, and UK!!

Cryptocurrency news is happening quickly! PayPal in the US is acquiring bitcoin companies! China is banning rival CBDCs, and Ripple XRP may be moving to …


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  1. I have been saying for 2 years now 1) make cdbc, 2) change law. Now more stable coins and only buying crypto on kyc exhanges with cdbc 3) support crypto because Gouvs can controle and tax transactions. As long as you have crypto no tax. Moving out of crypto is paying tax.

  2. Can you please let the music sound be less than your voice and starts at the end of the video and not during your news? Nice touch

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  5. Crypto Currencies are for criminal activities and never seem to gain legit legal status. Once it becomes a currency used by big banks then I may be interested but for now I have heard way to many fraudulent claims about any digital currency. All the best though & Good Luck!

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised for an all out ban of bitcoin because governments mandate you use theirs. We saw it when they ban holding gold to confiscate all for themselves. Bitcoin will be easier because they can just go after the exchanges and get rid of the majority without even having to get the private keys.

  7. "To prevent risks associated with virtual currency, any other legal entity or individuals can not issue or sell tokens to replace the circulation of Renminbi"
    Well, for one, any explanation how this would prevent risks associated with virtual currencies?
    And secondly, any proof that other stablecoins replace the circulation, rather than simply competing with it?
    Just some questions – probably directed at Chinese government – that come to mind when reading this statement.

  8. A few things I've heard, but don't really understand. When Nations release a CBDC(digital currency) essentially, they could control what you do with it? How would it work if we wanted to continue buying crypto and they banned/made it illegal to exchange CBDC for crypto? Thanks in advance.

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  10. I say ignore the governments. If they don't want stable coins pegged to their worthless fiat then fine. Lets just not create any stupid stable coins pegged to the worthless fiat. Let's start creating stable coins pegged to Bitcoin. How about that? Let's leave the governments in the dust. Let's rip ourselves away from their stupid ponzie worthless fiat schemes! Let's forge forward with "real" money. With "hard" money. Money that will stand the test of time. Let's move forward with our bitcoin and ignore the nation states and all their stupid rules designed to enrich the already rich and keep the poor dirt poor. Convert enough of your Bitcoin to fiat each year to satisfy your legal obligations and beyond that wash your hands of the worthless garbage. Just my two satoshi's worth!

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