They are Attempting to CENSOR Cryptocurrency! [IMPORTANT]

The crypto market now faces its biggest threat yet, as central banks make recommendations to heavily regulate and ban stablecoins. The Financial Stability …


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  1. Bitcoin is unique from the rest that's why it's the best can't be stopped and wont be stopped. satoshi thought of everything. Bitcoin is resilient ?✌️?✌️? if they stop these coins you just expect more adoption for bitcoin made to last make no mistake about it.

  2. Hey guys,

    Can you go over coinbase pro
    on exactly how to a execute a trade.
    I watced your video however after
    linking bank account, I was not adding
    the right numbers in the boxes. Can you

    Thanks for all your information.

  3. I NEVER used any of this stable crap . As less crap as better .
    Hope other 3000 craps will go same way .
    Bitcoin is THE only one and it doesn't need any of these copy past , silver to gold , stable unstable , 1XRP to 1MLN bla bla bla garbages for fools

  4. The more popular crypto becomes, the more difficult for them it will be to shut down a decentralized monetary "eco" system. If they do not make a move by 2022 it will be almost impossible to do it.

  5. It actually doesn't matter. When we came into crypto, it was a declaration of war. We have been exploited for years. decentralization! stable coins are old world for traders on short term profit based on fiat. WE actually want bitcoin value based on what bitcoin can buy. if fiat exists, it should be valued against bitcoin. 1 satoshi = 1 Lambourghini Countach. OK why not?

  6. O, Yeah, let's ban whole asset class because it's inconvenient to banks. Cause everything in this world supposed to serve to the banks.

  7. I’d like to ask where did you get the FSB pdf report? Been searching for it online but can not find. I would greatly appreciate access to a copy of this file myself to add to the collection of regulatory literature I am compiling on crypto’s and stable coins. Thanks in advance.

  8. I think highly of BTC, XMR, and ALGO.

    Banning stablecoins will cause people to dump stablecoins for BTC. With enough adoption, BTC could become more stable than national currencies – then, the banks should fear an exodus from fiat. Is the "global economy" really so fragile and vulnerable? Why does anyone want money if it's constantly manipulated and debased?

    The dollar is the true shitcoin and now literally covered in shit – the coronavirus!!

  9. I don’t agree that you need stablecoins. First of all you have fiat money and commodities. If everything fails you can simple invent the tally stick or beads if it suits you. Money is just a promise. Why a need for an extra step fiat stblecoin altcoin. Their are already stablecoins. They are stable precisely because they are widespread and roughly equally hold. Bitcoin isn’t stable because the price is unrealistic and thus speculative. The most important thing is that the old system tries to morph into the new one. It doesn’t want the mass to wake up before it is accomplished. Killing the host. Invention is just the path to ruin of that what became for it. What lasts is that what existed for millions of years and that isn’t money. If you watch closely all high end products etc must come down to mass markets otherwise it won’t work in economics. The market at the top is too small. Blockchains are handy but ultimately you don’t need them for survival. Lets put it differently. If I got a rich apple tree and 100 cryptos. Then the tree is my stability and the cryptos my antifragility. I do not need rent: I only need to be antifragile. I can use everything that gives that to me!

  10. None of it is safe. Nothing on a computer network is truely safe. Hackers, scammers, malware, keystroke recorders, viruses, ransomeware, bots, spiders, phones and devices recording conversations, phone and computer cameras recording clandestinely, the black web, ransomeware and the biggest threat of all AI. I'm sure I missed some of the threats and I am sure there are people working on the next threat and the one after that. Even if you think bitcoin is safe you are not. Identity theft is the number one crime. With bitcoin you have no one to call if you are hit. No one, you are on your own.

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