The USA May Lead Bitcoin's Next Bull Run ? | Congress Has Just Proposed “Cryptocurrency Act of 2020”

The U.S. cryptocurrency scene might be on the way to seeing clear cut crypto regulations as Congress prepares to consider a new bill detailing modalities for …


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  1. the best thing for crypto is the govt stay out and bankrupt their own fiat joke paper money.
    no one needs the govt to harass them tax them or control them
    Its not inevitable and definitely not beneficial
    you sound like the pied piper leading lemmings over a cliff
    Wake up crypto does not need the govt.
    the govt is scared stiff as they have alredy bankrupted the country
    You must be some one who just goes with the flow as the power brokers want.!!!
    I have lived 72 years thru the bullshit of govt nonsense,
    My specialty was 48 years of investing large corporate and ceo personal funds in world wide projects
    None of the money was visible, no govt collected and were involved.
    These people move 25 to 330 million dollars to wherever they need at their whim and will
    they still do today while you spout gospel about roll over for the govt.
    You grew up on the wrong side of the economic tracks

  2. Terrorism, criminal activities, tax evasion …….. are these the problems of 99% of people like us around the entire world? Not at all. Media push this through again and again only to justify more stringent and absurd government control over the economy. Actually, the real and most scary problem we have is exactly this: governments destroying our prosperity and economic freedom to the advantage of big corporations.

  3. This is why Macafee and others have said to buy in now! The constitution says there can be no ipso facto laws, meaning they can only say, "from this date forward," the new law is in effect. So get "grandfathered" in before they try to ban everything. Imagine what it will be worth on the black market!

  4. this is not good, smart guys. 3 of largest economies introduce regulations at same time. They want to crack down. take your funds off exchanges now

  5. Australia Banning cash over 10k and making it a crime on its citizens is a crime itself. It demonstrates to me the banks can't cover their deposits if there is a bank run on deposits. This has nothing to do with crime, other than the crimes of the government and bankers attempting to control all aspects of its citizens.

  6. I don't like this one bit! The entire point of crypto is to get away from federal control and regulations. To have a currency that isn't regulated by one government body…. now the US isn't controlling crypto they are just going to put in a shit ton of regulations that could prevent or heavily penalize US traders for either buy, exchanging, or trading from US dollar to cryptos….. this to me is just another way for them to control us and tell us how, when, and how much we can spend our money. This bill isn't going to be any different then when a bank give us limits on how much money we can spend out of our bank accounts each day and how many times we can pull money from our savings account. Land of the free my ass!

  7. I wonder if you understand the global economic infrastructure and are on the side the "institutions" and their so called money or if you simply do not understand how the market has historically worked and just parrot the rest of these clowns cheering on regulations and institutional money.

    These criminals demonstrated what they will do when they enter the space very well with Baakt!

  8. The same Congress that has wasted a full three years of tax payer money trying to impeach the best President America has seen on over 200 years now wants to mess around with Bitcoin? Are you kidding me? These Congressmen and women need to be booted out of office immediately. No way I would trust those lying scumbags with any further action on "our behalf", especially with something as amazing as crypto currency. Sit down and shut up until you are voted out! That is what I would tell them if I could!!!!!! They haven't done any actual work for America in the last 3 years why start now?

  9. There is no doubt that after the massive rally and the persistent support above $7,000, bitcoin is poised for further upward movement and coupled with the recent news, the US will trigger the next bull run which is taking effect already. This is one of the best times the last couple of months to invest more in btc and build a strong portfolio. I am doing this by trading and with Sebastian Wigman’s signal trading system, I have been doing pretty well in achieving my goals having made profit of more than 5 btc in the last 3 weeks. The idea should be to learn as much as possible while building a strong portfolio of the asset and my approach has been very favorable for me. Sebastian can be reached on Whatsaap (+31 97005034459) or Telegrm (@wigmans) for any crypto related assistance

  10. I like you Altcoin Daily, but please stop fooling yourself that "the powers that be" couldn't shut down any or all crypto currencies if they wanted to. They control everything else, including the minds of the (m)asses, so don't tell people that they "can't shutdown bitcoin" because they make the laws, they own the politicians, and they absolutely can shutdown bitcoin. And, they probably, eventually WILL SHUTDOWN BITCOIN if and when they wean people off of cash and build their own official versions of state-controlled digital money. Bitcoin is just the way that they got the masses to believe in and start using cryptos. Just as they set up the USA as "the new world" where people have rights and freedoms, and now the US is a complete police state! Stop fooling yourself and others….

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