The USA ?? JUST Suggested Some SCARY Regulation for Bitcoin Holders [Both The Fed & Treasury SPEAK]

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin JUST indicated cryptocurrency FINCEN regulation is coming soon. Plus Powell speaks on China, Central Bank Digital Currencies …


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  1. This just proves the theory that the authorities in power may not necessarily be happy that there is such a thing as crypto-currency. but it is difficult to understand why. I mean this is something that has enriched lives and made the world of digital finance better..

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  3. Why is every politicians specially US always use TERRORIST as a form of threat to turn the table in favor of them. This ppl only catch fools who believe our enemy is group of ill people. THIS WORLD IS RUN BY MONEY AND TWISTED BY PEOPLE.

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  6. Why are we watching this and be scared and we have a few of stable coins already circulating, and everyone is just worried about bitcoin? Have any of these fools ever check the 24hr volume of tether? Tether is only one of the many in the market, and the other ones have volumes that banks are dreaming to have back. These people still do not know how to implement a digital dollar, and we have had in the crypto world digital dollars for a few years already.

  7. What happens when all of the big countries outlaw bitcoin? It might have another run by then but china already outlawed it. USA and EU will be next. Its just a matter of time until the bitcoin collapses. This dream people are sellint btc to 1 million is only so large holders can profit along the way up to maybe 30k. I doubt the feds will allow it to travel above that.

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