The US SEC Chairman Warns of Upcoming Cryptocurrency Regulation in 2021 | Bitcoin & Ethereum News

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  1. i own bitcoin and other cryptos…but honestly it was pretty stupid when most people kept believing that the Federal government would never find a way to stick they're dirty sticky hands into our gains.

  2. BTC is a Shit Coin, slow and expensive, BTC is waaay over Hyped and overvalued ….. currently transaction fees are about 4$, everybody can make a Crypto coin these Days in about 10 minutes ……. Anyway BTC is an ATTACK on the US. Population, it's a Trojan Horse to Ripp off the Wealth of the People, and as soon as many people in the US have joined BITCOIN .. The Satoshi Wallet with almost 50% of all Bitcoins stored there will be Sold by the unknown Owner … leading to the biggest Scam in History !!! Everybody knows of this Wallet and still, Low IQ people are getting Tricked to BUY the Riskiest thing on the Planet ….. It can be dumped at any time!!!

  3. According to data from Coin Market Cap, KIN is in the top 2 trending tokens in America.

    This event and development of KIN will shape cryptocurrency market next year.

    Make KIN Great Again!

    FYI: Regarding to legal status, KIN was sued by the SEC for allegedly conducting an ICO in 2017 while being a security, which is illegal.

    However, now the judge has ruled that KIN is not a security and it “should be free to trade on exchanges.”

    This lawsuit was the reason why KIN has been an underdog in the crypto world, investors stayed away as there was a significant risk of closure of the project. KIN also decided to stop all marketing efforts in order to combat the SEC.

    However, now that this is resolved, KIN is the only asset besides Ethereum and Bitcoin that is classified as a non-security commodity.

    This gives a lot of confidence to investors in the decentralization and censorship-resistance of a cryptocurrency.

  4. Bitcoin is bad for the environment. The higher the bitcoin price, the worse it is for the environment as there will be more bitcoin miners. Mining bitcoin consumes electricity equivalent of a 200 million population at the current price of bitcoin $28000. China is the primary source of Bitcoin mining, and the main source of electricity production is coal, which is also very bad for the environment. Please stop buying bitcoin and stop promoting it as this will eventually kill our Earth. Bitcoin is a negative-sum game, so some people win, and others lose. Cryptocurrency exchanges and bitcoin miners make money, and most of the people lose money. Please research the topic and see for yourself. Examples, and

    Governments will soon realize the devastating effect of bitcoin on the planet, and they will ban it. At that point, business people who promote bitcoin on youtube will be the first to sell and get the profits. We are the poor people who will pay the price and lose our money. Shame on those greedy business people to do this, and please do not listen to them. They bought bitcoin early, and they will make profits by promoting bitcoin. They do not care about us or the environment.

    Please stop buying bitcoin and stop promoting it as this will eventually kill our Earth.

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