The US Just Made THE LARGEST PURCHASE of Bitcoin Miners in History! Cryptocurrency News Online 2020

Is Bitcoin mining still profitable? What companies mine Bitcoin? Well, new Bitcoin mining machines JUST hit the US as a major US firm inks deal w/ Bitmain.


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  1. Late Gen X here! I completely see the value of Bitcoin, it just makes sense. A lot of us remember before tech, but we also grew up with it, so that percentage you cited is probably higher.

  2. Been addicted to CryptoTab recently. It’s a browser extension and mines bitcoin whenever you use the browser. It uses the right CPU power depending of the other tasks you are doing, for example if you are watching youtube it slows down its usage. Check it out, made 50 bucks so far this month. Use links and you get bonus while mining and I do also. Thanks!

  3. I think blockone and EOSIO has plans to scale btc. The second layer for btc will be the big utility chains.
    I wouldn't bet on ADA, it's too far behind EOSIO and ETH. EOSio will begin to flex hard starting in July, drawing a lot of attention in the nft, gaming, social media and defi sectors. Wax, telos, ultra, eos are all good eosio chains to keep an eye on.

  4. I just want people using crypto so we can get independent from the system instead of buying a beanie baby hoping someone else buys it at a higher price. Stupid.

  5. Remember the FBI as at least 180,000 btc in a wallet. That’s 1.6B at $9k prices. They will pump and dump for a long while until they can’t do it anymore. We need to use a coin like XMR or BCH so we can actually use crypto.

  6. Hello guys..
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