The United States of America ?? PUMPING Cryptocurrency at Congressional Hearing!!!

During the United States’s recent congressional hearing on financial technology, Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum & MORE were discussed at length! Here is what you …


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  1. Great video guys. I think this congressional hearing is ine of many that not only are yet to come but have already been happening and not publicized. This is exciting news for eth as well although 97.23% of my crypto portfolio is bitcoin my next in line is ethereum and I'm glad I didnt only focus on bitcoin. Excited for the future as always.

  2. Very good set of news. The fact that top regulators and financial experts I still trying to figure out exactly what we are and what to do about it means that the average Joe doesn't have a clue and we are very much still at the beginning of this ride. And the fact that they are seriously having to talk about us means it's going to stick around. Should be an exciting time ahead.

  3. Let it be known to all that the amount of XRP can be and is being constantly created and increased. In this way, it is 1) centralized control, 2) no different than creation of fiat money, and 3) therefore, simply no different than the current existing system of money only in digital form. That is why XRP does not go up in value in spite of so much news about banks using it. XRP is highly manipulated by those in control of XRP by their constant dumping of billions of XRP into the market at opportune times which benefit them, and them only.

  4. how can a person who doesent understand shit about crypto is a representative of fintech man? This is just fucking hilarious .. I bet that woman is recieving a big ass salary and does not even know the basics about the new digital economy that is yet to come … its just funny … real fucking funny…

  5. He also mentioned 0x Protocol 'ZRX' and Algorand (in relation to DEFI) but it's strange how you overlooked his mention of these tokens and just focused on your select few. ……… Hmmm

  6. fiat money loses its value or hyperinflation comes because government can print notes has much as they want, but bitcoin & gold both are limited in quantity & hence precious, mass adoption of crypto can be fastened by use of DeFi technology on which firms like FinNexus is providing services.

  7. The US has already showing the direction they want to take Crypto regulations. Garbage KYC/AMIL as well as the New York license has already been pushed and US investors have already been denied services and features while the rest of the world has full access to all features and investment opportunities available to them. The US is too scared to lose control of the monetary monopoly and in trying to defend and sustain current status quo, will ultimately result into their fears becoming reality. I do not see US as a leader in cryptocurrency under current paradigm. Also for all that argue regulation is needed in crypto, what do you think the purpose of math and open source code is, especially working in conjunction with smart contracts? I personally trust math and open source code a hell of alot more than humans which can only regulate their own interests to fill their pockets.

  8. the whole system and the fed reserve is a debt slavery scam which should be abolished. If they know the game is up they will be creating a way to steal it from us. Prob some kind of tax where everyone from 2015 that made profits on crypto will pay a 90% tax and if we dont like it come guns blazing then. They are not going to sit back and let new money like this in and ruin their scam.

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  10. There has been talk of the Federal Reserve issuing it's own crypto to replace the dollar. The SEC will go after as many competitors to the bureaucracy as they can, with as many frivolous law suits and prolonging of litigation as possible.

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