The United States Just Brought Bitcoin into the National Conversation!! | Cryptocurrency in 2021

In an interview with the ABC News program GMA3, senator-elect Cynthia Lummis voiced her support for the popularization of Bitcoin. + The latest ethereum …


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  1. This is not good news. It now makes crypto a target for those senators like Brad Sherman who want to make crypto illegal. This is bearish. We already know Wisconsin is pro bitcoin when Kraken was granted a bank license. This announcement serves us none.

  2. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock coming down the track…??‍♀️

    2012 and 2016 halvings signified the arrival of the exponential 2013 and 2017 price surges ⛱

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  4. The Chinese government intends to make a huge investment in very cheap altcoins as Spockchain network, seele, to sell them after a 100-fold increase in price, and to return the money to the treasury, thus earning a huge income.

  5. B trash aka b cash should not even exist. They copied bitcoin well bitcoin was the first and been around just fine the whole time. If faster transactions is a concern just use litecoin which also has been around a lot longer then B trash..

  6. Wyoming rocks! Good to know there are people who want to be free and not owned. I live in Seattle and it’s a dystopian nightmare here. People driving in their cars while wearing masks.

  7. As an investor, I have maybe 1/3 of my investements in crypto. If within that I had 3200 ETH, Id be willing to lock up 32 Ethereum into 2.0, but as someone who's portfolio is not so huge, I'm uncomfortable with the idea even if I had those kinds of funds which I do not.

    Right now, Ethereum appears to be on a mini bull run again like we had late summer. That makes it challenging for some of us to want to consider locking up a bunch of Ethereum when a sell off is likely coming at any time. If Bitcoin is on a true bull run, other coins will start to benefit more than the little that they have. This could help raise the price of Ethereum tremendously and I'd want to be able to sell a portion of my position.

    I wouldn't recommend to most people who do have 32 Eth to lock it away for years not unless, they had a vast amount more than that value so they could still work with the rest of their investment if necessary. If you want it to do more, there are places like Voyager and Celsius to generate interest on top of enjoying the benefits of investing. This is way more accessible to most of us.

    There are some stake pools I've heard of that people could join at a lower cost, but I haven't looked into that, and I'd be considered that they were a scammer wanting free ethereum.

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