The Truth About | Is CRO Token a Good Investment? | Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency in 2020

Is CRO token a good cryptocurrency investment in 2020? Watch the whole video. This is not an offer to buy or sell securities. Understand the risks before taking …


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  1. I have been using them for over 12 months now, mainly crypto earn. The only negative I have to say, is their customer service is very slow at getting back to you. If they can improve the response time a little more.

  2. I try using the Visa Card this past weekend and it wouldn’t accept my pin after the second try the card was frozen, I contacted support 3 days of go and haven’t gotten a reply… Not very happy

  3. With all the confusion and extremes around sushi, yfi, moonie coin (robbing noobs with hopes of large returns) yada yada yada… Just upgraded cards here, it kind of pays for itself almost at this point. I dont have the patience to deal with binance or the money to throw down coinbases Hatch (10% to buy 100.00 worth???) … This card has solved a problem ive had since 2013 when i first dipped my toes into crypto…I would like the exchange to work here in the U.S. though that would be nice but eh. At least now i can stake my coins and sleep at night.

  4. Dude u the man, you literally made me a millionaire two weeks ago for the first time with only my initial 25k investment 18 months ago. Can't imagine the crypto stash you have accumulated. honestly feel it was a bit luck, but also some skill from what you taught me

  5. I buy all my crypto with a credit card! You don't have to use credit to do it…just add some funds to it.
    Buy everything you're aiming for in 2020 and close your credit card!

  6. do not thrust this company they steel your money, just paid with the card for 53 euro of diesel and they charged me 125 euro. mailed support of @t and was told im not charged. i even showed them the prove

  7. Just signed up thanks for the 50 bucks! I'm telling all the homies to sighn up and use the code keep up the hard work it is truly appreciated ive learned alot from your videos knowledge is power and you are powerful my friend

  8. another review video of somehting, with referral links to the same thing…yeah sure can believe your 'truth' about this company!!

  9. I don’t normally comment unless I have to but this guy has put so much effort and so much info into this video and yet people are disliking this video ??‍♂️ Why?

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