The SEC Declares WAR on Cryptocurrency!? BOMBSHELL about to DROP For XRP, Bitcoin, Ethereum Holders!

The SEC is about to drop a BOMBSHELL on Ripple & the ENTIRE cryptocurrency space! This affects ALL bitcoin, ethereum, xrp, & crypto holders! Watch The …


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  1. The statute of limitations & statute of repose are set out in Sec 13 of the Securities Act of 1933, which provides that all claims under the Act must be brought within 1 year of the discovery of the violation or within 3 years after the security was first offered to the public.

  2. Keep your headlines fair and factual, this is borderline bearish/harmful to how people view the industry who may be new to studying blockchain. There are plenty of other attn commanding headlines that don't infer the industry at large is pushing SEC boundaries. I.e. "Why #3 world ranked cryptocurrency is an SEC legal target…" Laser specificity.

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  6. This is a little misleading in my opinion , Bitcoin in no way is the same animal so to speak and even mentioning it in the same pretext as this Ripple situation is merely FUD at its finest! And rather ridiculous!

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