The SEC Crackdown Against Crypto Just Got Worse.. ⚠️

Will bitcoin recover? Is crypto being regulated? Let’s discuss the latest cryptocurrency news for bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins, …


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  1. ‘South Korean news outlet “something” news agency’ 😂😂. Love you guys but you gotta do better than that alt coin daily!

  2. Arbitrum popped off you say? It launched damn near $20 and crashed to $1 and hasn't moved. It only went down. Didn't even hint at going up.

    That's what happens when you print money for free and hand it out without anyone actually interested in buying it.

    It was a money printer, nothing else. But yeah, definitely popped off with negative 20x gains.

  3. @3:00 — Haha ! Kendra Lust is a porn star.. now this is really funny. Coinbase, Ripple, Binance all need to join forces now. SEC is like a rabid dog unleashed.

  4. Crack that SEC WHIP! CRACK..CRACK…CRACK….!!!!
    YOUR favorite Bank has a 3-4% CD waiting for YOU, when you panic😅 sell your Crypto. When your gas tank runs dry and your Groceries run low, your favorite BANK has a 20%+ CREDIT CARD with your favorite pretty picture on it, all READY TO GO!

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