The SCARY Truth About Bitcoin and The Stock Market in 2020! | Learn More About Cryptocurrency Online

Will the stock market crash in 2020? What are some warning signs of the stock market crash? Today, we discuss how the Fed’s actions have obliterated true …


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  1. Don't forget billions of monthly longs from pension funds alone. They won't put billions of funds under the mattress lol. And short squeezes are because of all these "financial Armageddon" predictions by someone who are stuck on a wrong side.

    Recommendation: don't argue with the market. And market games are always changing.

    Good luck everyone!

  2. Honest people have lost Billions to scams, thefts and hacks because they gave up control of their money. If you want to earn interest on your Bitcoin, you have to lend it out and hope you ever see it back again. Tragically, after 10 years, 42% of all Bitcoin now sits in only 2000 wallets. The people were given control, only to give it away again. In HEX you mint your own interest while in complete control.

  3. Hi guys, these days seeing the boom of the defi tokens I started looking for hidden gems that still hadn't exploded
    I'm talking about low capitalization tokens regarding the defi with an interesting project on paper and still present on a few exchanges
    One of the most interesting that I found is called Etherisc and its DIP token, acronym for Decentralized Insurance Protocol … Apart from the best blockchain startup award they have won in the past, what concerns me is the future … I know that have partnered with Chainlink to release an innovative insurance product at the end of the year and that their first product will be released on the market from 1st July, developed with companies such as Aon, Oxfam, Generali … what I ask is if you have news more about it to give me. Thank you

  4. Great to see the Fed Reserve get exposed. It’s unfortunate because I thought trump would work something out in favor of people. However, I see that he’s done the same thing Obama & Bush have (replied on Blackrock bank to fund US debts). Unless people take the active movement of purchasing Bitcoin, this problem will persist. Only the majority will pay for this at a great cost while few rich will profit. We must abandon the system entirely. Our governments, politicians, & big banks have failed us miserably. When the system decides what survives in it, this becomes dangerous to small business and only promotes commercial company domination resulting in globalism. It doesn’t matter who’s the president anymore, the movement is all the same. Globalize this world. Opt out now while there’s a chance

  5. It seems like bitcoin is not decoupled from the stock market. Why did the price of BTC tank in march with the stock market crash and will it tank again when the markets does once more?

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