The REAL Reason Bitcoin Price is PUMPING! (8 Minute explanation)

MOST Parabolic Crypto Bull Run EVER Has Begun (Is it too late to invest?) Best Crypto Exchange to Buy & Trade Bitcoin: …


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  1. Dont forget blackrock has still more then a half a' million bitcoins still in possession. Now the prices increase. Maybe blackrock will sell much more in the future with 5-10% decreases when they sell 15k bitcoins in one day… lets see. One day blackrock will have a minimim amount left

  2. This video assumes that it was the Gold ETF that made gold skyrocket. That's not the case. it was one of several positive factors, so saying this is the same is not supported. BTC might be worse, might be better – but the direct line between gold ETF and skyrocking gold after GLD ETF launch isn't the case – it's more complicated.

  3. Great video im loving the vibes and mf e.warr3n she is so close to being a zombie its scary! 🤯😰 I think all miners would unite and mine anyway regardless of what the US says, they cant stop every single independent miner imo.

  4. I’m not mad, Blackrock can make me rich, I’ll pump and dump the market with y’all. $hitcoin shouldn’t have an etf because it’s not a security. Why did companies have to go through the sec to approve these? It’s weird. This plus the “halving” should put the exchange rate of $hitcoin up to maybe 200k but with Ethereum’s developments, maybe a 50k usdpair. Definitely swapping as much fiat as I can into crypto until next winter

  5. I don't see any problem with the cr! m! nals of the government. They can only ban themselves outside of Bitcoin. And the mining will move to some civilised countries. And we will have lots of fun and popcorn.

  6. Unfortunately the stock market is too bullish right now, by many metrics. Very good chance of a pull back within the next 1-2 months, and crypto will likely follow suit. And that's consistent with the history of a pull back for crypto just before/after the halving; before the next uptrend to an all time high.

  7. I m not that worried on warrens anti crypto bill
    Most of he pass bills are either dead or never pass the senate floor
    Last time i check 8 died 1 did not pass her bills are out of this world and voter subtraction meaning if you try or be a co sponsor or supporter well voters will be bye bye to you

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