The REAL REASON Bitcoin Is Going Up… [Whale Buys $1 BILLION]

The REAL REASON Bitcoin Is Going Up… [Whale Buys $1 BILLION] + More Swiss Cheese Links: Web site …


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  1. They create money out of thin air from computers. Less cash out there. Banking is the greatest legalized ponzi scheme of all time. My bank doesn't carry cash anymore in the branch. I bet the ATM machine has less than my account 😂

  2. What's funny is that the unintended consequence of SVB failing is USDC losing its peg, which made the US gov. happy, BUT THEN the US gov unaware that covering all depositors, actually helps crypto rally with policy meant only for central banks.

  3. Ethereum is DINO (Decentralized in name only) and couldn't be anymore centralized. Good luck investing and trading on it. Good luck promoting it. Because when it comes crashing down, you are going to wish you did a little more research on Ethereum.

    Swisscheese is decentralized? Think about it, would a decentralized system has a company, a website, a CEO, a roadmap, a bunch of hired devs and lawyers? Sounds centralized to me.

  4. Biden should not be saving these American banks. Yes depositor accounts should be protected via FDIC but the banks themselves should fail for their stupidly bad management. Basically he is nationalizing the banks and now these bad ceo/managers can do any stupid thing they want with no risk worry. In the long run this is a very bad thing. Nothing to stop banks from making bad deals and criminal choices.

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