The ONE THING in DeFi Cryptocurrency that NOBODY is Talking About | Cryptocurrency News September

How do you make money with DeFi cryptocurrency? Why is Yearn Finance crypto pumping? Today we discuss the risks of DeFi cryptocurrency investing, as well …


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  1. Hello everyone, I have a question that might sound stupid.
    I'm from UK, so should I buy bitcoin straight with british pound or should I buy some other token and then buy bitcoin with it?

     GBP to BTC or GBP to (USDT or some other coin) to BTC ?

  2. The Main reason why we watch any crypto video on YouTube is to know how to earn more and make smart investment decisions. Ever since I met Ryan Brooks, I stopped bothering about that…..

  3. Ahahaha good you showed it already this was the best 1hr spent in ages.. wish I could work with any of these guys !

    There was another bit that was really important (well nah the whole thing tbh) you should check the Chainlink YT cos its from smartcon #0 and there has been so many other great videos lately. Was hard to find an hour, but best thing.. already said that ><

    Do it 😀 theres even some hilarious moments

  4. aave and metamask have locked up over 4.2 eth and about 500 dai i borrowed, i have put another $50.00 or so of ETH for gas just to try to withdraw the dai to buy more crypto and nothing. both aave and metamask have no customer service and no instruction of any kind. frustrating platforms with no help, trying to enter discord has only wasted my time.

  5. Pi makes crypto mining easy and most immportant is Free.

    Breakthrough tech allows you to mine on your phone without draining your battery.

    Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 7 million members worldwide.

    Referral Code : Amarashi (you get 1π/pi and 10% faster mining)

  6. Hey guys! I'm new at this crypto thing, I watch this channel and many other crypto related channels regularly and I still have a lot to learn. I lost my job because of covid and I don't have any income for 4 months straight. It's pretty rough here in my country. Anyways, I've put all the money I had left in Bitcoin like $600 USD, hopefully it will turn out well. If anyone wants to help me, (yeah I know you can't wait to help a random stranger in a youtube comment) here's my wallet:



    Thank you in advance

  7. DeFi is a really popular subject now but at the same time, its often misunderstood as there are extremely high fees for removing liquidity from the stacking pool, at least a $100-$1500 that's a lot lol and the APR for stablecoins is too low like 2%. I use off-chain operating platform PointPay, they don’t have crazy fees and pretty good APR for USDT (8%). Def much better comparing to compound or Aave

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