The NFL makes MAJOR Cryptocurrency Announcement for 2021 as Bloomberg Pumps Bitcoin AND Ethereum!

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  1. Ethereum is a different animal than BTC. BTC is mainly a store of value and its production is capped. Ethereum is not capped. And the developers are talking about EIP1559, which will eat some percentage of gas, or ether, as part of a transaction process. So whether or not ethereum becomes capped and hence, potentially deflationary remains to be seen. Until such point of time, there is no limit to the amount of ethereum that can be minted. Thus, it is not the same kind of animal as BTC and speculating on it going up is just betting on a future that is not determined.

  2. I have idea for u, create the first Wrapped Bitcoin BANK. Anyone's Crypto or stablecoin can be wrapped by Bitcoin group, as long as they deposit a certain amount of their crypto coin to them or some kind of deal n they will wrapped the coin in BTC peg. FUTURE BANK or FUND. Call it the TOP 100 WRAPPED BITCOIN INDEX. Also must be proved through the blockchain.. How it works, is they hold that many BITCOINs to cover the wrap. However if someone comes calling, they don't necessary have to give the bitcoin, but the Fiat equivalency. In genius right, because if they are a country, they can just print the fiat money over n over again.. FUTURE NATIONAL TREASURY.. First time in history any Country can create an international BANK. Actually it's happening right now, in a some degrees with DeFi platforms, you deposit n they give their coins.. Send me some love, if like this idea. FINALLY, the COUP-DAT-TATE is every 3.5 – 4 years, you can raise the price of Bitcoin, by create a demand for it, by offering your paper money to raise the price even higher, so any money you did lose, you can get it back or more.

  3. Eth really has the greatest potential of all alt and crypto values ​​in general in 2021 and beyond. Because given the current very low price, the current market capitalization of as much as $ 85 billion and many other positive announcements and upcoming events, only one can be concluded. Ethereum is a highly regarded system and one of the fastest growing IT projects and companies in general, ready to change the world and part of our daily news. In my humble opinion, investing in Ethereum today is like investing in Microsoft in the 1990s! Ethereum was not originally meant to be a value primarily conceived as a means of payment, but solely as a huge operating system, software platform, and decentralized supercomputer.
    Soon when ETH significantly exceeds the $ 100 billion MCap, which is very topical now, and in fact it is only a matter of days when that will happen and when we will establish a 100% legal and generally accepted system on WallStreet to be established in the coming months a little nostalgia. . All these current, sickly ridiculous Ethereum prices. In the next 5 years, it will be a global IT company, everyone will accept and use it, and countries will fully accept and recognize this cryptocurrency as a storehouse of value, especially Bitcoin, and then Ethereum, which will eventually and easily improve and explode their value. Many other lesser known and less reliable cryptocurrencies are likely to become extinct in the meantime and go into oblivion. Some other interesting cryptocurrencies will also come to life and get a value of 100X or 1000x, which is currently safe! Namely, BTC will never become extinct. And Ethereum, in fact, … in 5 years it will be worth at least 25% – 50% or 100% of BTC, no matter how much it will be in the future …, I will be very sure, and it will be unimaginably much! !! Those who are fresh in these situations and who are now willing to sacrifice a small portion of their earnings and patiently save in ETH, over the next 5 years, will therefore be rewarded a hundredfold. Ethereum will exceed the price of one Bitcoin. It is no longer a question of whether this will happen, but a real question of when it will happen. Everything is very clear and I am convinced of the power of Ethereum for a better future for humanity. I'm going All in !!!

    "And God has given you all to get rich!"

    … Remember these words!❤

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