The Next Big 'Sleeping Giant' Altcoin on My Radar in October 2020? | Radix (eXRD) | Cryptocurrency

What is Radix DLT? Is it a cryptocurrency and/or a decentralized finance protocol? Is Radix is the only real solution to DeFi’s issues in 2020? Let’s Discuss!


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  1. Sounds good but you should also mention how the pricy handle security and decentralization. Is the protocol open source? Is it censorship resistent? And what function has the token since it's not a blockchain and where our how are the tokens created? ERC20?

  2. Radix sounded interesting until I checked their website. The quotes in their "Press" section are just Radix quoting themselves from their press releases to various media outlets. FYI, that sort of thing was Christopher Steele did with his infamous "dossier": Steele cited "press sources" as the basis of his "investigation" that were, in fact, his own articles.

  3. Radix upcoming ICO looks like a money grab to me. They've been working on this for years and still didnt deliver the main net. All delivery is scheduled for 2021. Now they plan to issue a generic ERC20 token and collect $28M just like in those glorious bull market days of ICO craze in 2017. Recently the team pivoted to "specifically built to serve DeFi. Hmm. Interesting. They also presented a novel price vesting model. The plan is to release ERC20 from ICO as follows: at start only 1% of tokens will be free. The rest will be locked by smart contract. If and when the price reaches a certain thresholds more ICO ERC20 tokens will be unlocked. Like @ $0.07 – 10% of tokens unlocked, @ $0.09 – 15% and all the way to $0.43 when they unlock 100%. @ $0.43 Radix market cap should be $1,8B which is more than current status of Tezos, Stellar, Neo. King of DeFi Uniswap has marketcap of only $0,52B. $0,43 is only 11X of ICO price. Will the price ever reach those levels? What if it doesnt?

    Do we need yet another Dapp platform? Are Eth, Polka, Cardano, EOS, Tron, Cosmos and countless running smart contract platforms with main nets on not enough? Were they not build to serve DeFi?

    DYOR guys.

  4. Any coin worth their salt wouldn’t be paying youtubers to shill their coin …your a sell out. Clearly more Interested in a fast buck than your viewers.

  5. RadixDLT means zero scalability and sharding problem therefore nearly zero gas fees for your DeFi transaction and they are building the most solid Decentralized Finance Protocol in ecosystem.

  6. Hey lads, does anyone know why Velo Protocol is still under the radar?

    I just found it recently, and apparently they are backed by Stellar Network, CP Group, UOB Bank, Seven Bank, Uni-President, HashKey Capital, Signum Capital, Everest Ventures Group and literally another 20 VCs and traditional finance corps.

    It's absolutely mind blowing, and no one talks about it. 😐

  7. This video doesn't cover enough of how good this project actually is, but there is no point of saying it here in YouTube comments also because it would sound like any other project.

  8. Did any of you check $VELO or can you please cover it at some point?

    I'm seeing it being mentioned all over the place lately but it's still under the radar for most.

  9. Disappointed at how this video makes Radix out to be like any other project when in fact it is arguably groundbreaking technology in the DLT industry. Can't believe they paid you to read out some random snips from their site.

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