The Next Big Crypto to LAUNCH in 2019 [Backed by MIT, Stanford] Plus Tron, Hydro and Bitcoin News!

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, Grin, Tron, and Hydro. Follow us on Twitter here: …


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  1. Why do people say bitcoin isnt fast when there is a LN? The transactions ate literally instant. Sire you need to be tech savvy to send a LN payment but that's only for now…. I literally watched a guy buy a hat on a website paying with LN and its transaction time was seemingly faster than a traditional debit card. Moment he clicked send. The payment went thru on the website.

  2. Team AA, ENG is by all MIT graduate. It's a Decentralized privacy coin with Scalability.
    Did you cover this coin? It's now in 3rd year with over 21 millions market cap. It's a good investment for it's low circulating supply if 75 millions
    W a total supply of 150 millions.
    Currently I don't have any but I am thinking for long time to have in my portfolio. Thanks

  3. Unite – I agree with your assessment. Hydro – looks interesting and highly speculative potential.
    Not on Twitter nor Facebook due to their censorship and privacy problems. Very good content covered without stretching the vid out to 25 minutes or longer like some other channels. Speaking as a subber.

  4. hahahaha!!! where was this professor when BITCOIN was created…professor of Academia of yesterday … he is so outdated…as much respect that i have for MIT math skills its all bullshit!!! what about Richard Heart's Bitcoin Hex…throw some names into the mix and it looks somewhat legit…dig deeper and thou shall see truth!

  5. Excuse me but who cares about transaction number ? don’t you understand the only reason that Bitcoin was created ? Decentralized… do you understand? All these coins are just companies and nothing like bitcoin, XRP hold certain amount of XRP, is that decentralized??? Ether reversed transaction and it was split is that decentralized? Everything is shitcoin, please listen to To e Vays

  6. If you can AD could you please talk about the Apollo Currency and I been watching some videos and went to their website!!! From what I seen on their website, this particular crypto claims to be "the All-in-One coin" and a lot of people from these posts are pumping this particular crypto and I can see why!!! I always love your videos because you do your best to be positive despite the correction of most of these cryptocurrencies!!!

  7. I have a diverse portfolio but better then Bitcoin to me is like when I see commercial that compare their motor oil to Mobile 1 syntec which is the best. I want more of whatever every one comparing theirs too.

  8. the Microsoft Zune was a MUCH better product over the Apple iPod. I had both and I loved the Zune. Fast forward to today and the iPod lives on in the iPhone and the Zune is in the history books. No one born after 1995 even knows what the Zune is, but they know what Bitcoin is.

  9. People from MIT already released a better coin 5 years ago. It’s called Vertcoin. They are the same people helping to build out the LIT/ Lightning Network…

  10. Looks like Liberal Colleges … I would be concerned about anything coming out of Socialist Colleges these days … they have lost their original mission … SAD but true.

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  12. I think RDN Raiden Networks will help scale ETH to 1600 tps. You're right though, tps is kind of irrelevant because we don't have the adoption to even test those levels yet. ADA is also one to watch for global adoption as a currency, especially in countries where rampant inflation is destroying fiat.

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