The Most Insane Cryptocurrency Price Predictions for 2021! Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink Predictions

What is the most realistic bitcoin price prediction for 2021? Can Ethereum price hit $10000 per ETH? What is the most INSANE Chainlink cryptocurrency price …


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  1. Last time in 2017 there was no reason for ETH to raise so much. But today it's a different story ETH has massive use case and this might even change the top in next bull run. ETH price might be even mote than 9500 USD, this price is just minimum value.

  2. Anything that has anything to do with ethereum (chainlink) is out. Think about it, we know eth is choked op that’s no secret & we know it can’t be fixed. Chainlink is built around link & use oracle on ethereum. Everyone can see ethereum is in big big trouble as it cannot scale. The Tron network runs rings around both & that’s not an opinion but facts freely available online.

  3. The first is the PI Network. This organisation set out to find a way that would allow ordinary people to mine Bitcoins. Their solution means you can make money by mining crypto-coins from your phone. Simply download the app, and once a day open it and automatically mine Bitcoins.Invitation code:Miric

  4. Nice video! Defi platforms sphere is developing fast this year but still hard to find a good protocol. Not long ago I read on Forbes about S4fe – DeFi, a protocol that can create a database for stolen or lost items. I want to know your opinion about it

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