The Most INSANE 2021 Bitcoin Price Prediction!! Dan Held Explains Why Crypto is about to EXPLODE! ?

Bitcoin is entering a SUPERCYCLE according to bitcoin OG Dan Held. Find out why THIS CYCLE is DIFFERENT! Prepare for 2021 w this interview!


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  1. Hey guys, standing ovation from Dubai for today’s episode of Altcoin Daily! Every time when I think you guys can’t beat the next all time high of your daily videos, I get smashed away and hit that “like”button but it shows only once…what a great collaboration gents, I am getting educated by the cream the la cream in crypto, the matrix to those who don’t understand the gravity behind the future of this epic era. Thank you for your efforts to publish this great information and I hope this comment can get many likes to prove to you guys that you are a gem in crypto YouTube ??

  2. Great video, exciting to watch. Just one question for the community, what happens once it goes to this hypothetical "million" dollars per BTC? Won't everyone just sell there coins and crash the price? I can't see it staying around the million dollar level without just plummeting from there. Does anyone have any insight on this?

  3. and if it hits 300k, who is going to buy your 100 BTC? You need a buyer to make money. Holding an asset with no way to liquidate means you're still broke

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  5. Didn't know Dan was libertarian, that was a cool little section to listen to. People like Andreas and Dan are some of my favorites to listen to because they really understand the intrinsic value of Bitcoin; I'm scared that future generations of kids born into the slavery of an authoritarian State won't even comprehend what freedom is or why they'd care about it. Nice interview and good questions.

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