The Mainstream Media DID IT AGAIN! ? Bitcoin Holders DO NOT BE FOOLED!! [BIG MESS UP]

CNBC talks about the recent bitcoin ETF and an interesting DEBATE ensues. WATCH THIS Please help us POKE YouTube and LIKE this tweet: …


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  1. The internet is just a manifestation of technology. Because there is no real value to the internet, people are about to drop the internet in droves and head back to the libraries and archives.

  2. we going to hit bottom at $5900 you all know that and if that breaks we going all the way to 3000 then we shoot up for ever up to 350 000 in november 2021 Dinda said

  3. Closed minded gold bugs on Bloomberg and CNBC excuse gold's decline in price during stock market sell-off as being due to people selling their winning assets, gold, to pay for margin calls on their stocks until stocks go up and selling stocks again to buy back gold. This is supposed to prove gold's case as a hedge during bad times. Doesn't this equally apply to Bitcoin's weakness during stock market sell off? After all, people only have so much cash they can dip into during sell offs of the market. Yet these gold bugs won't apply the same reasoning to Bitcoin they apply to gold and like to say Bitcoin has no basis. So sad!
    What do you think?

  4. Trust me, dan weiner wouldnt learn anything from your channel because you know nothing. All you do is read website articles written by people who actually do know about crypto. If me and you were having a debate about bitcoin, you wouldnt last 1 sec without trying to reach for your phone to find a google article for help.

  5. Lols, cardano comparing scaling to ripple when they should really be looking at Pascalcoin in terms of scaling, its here, its now, and it works.

  6. You are ignorant to lead young investors to this path of death on this Ponzi Scheme. Its only a few that control the price you unqualified financial advisor.

    Ive seen this before, and its a new age scheme. With techno jargin you dont even understand…..

  7. I'm not a maximalist, but I find it funny that cardano which is tout bitcoin3.0 ended up needing layer 2. Only bagholder can't see this.

  8. its at 6200 and I have been trying to get into my accunt to pull some out to use when it goes back up. All I get is incorrect verification code. Could get nobody on phone, submitted emails and I would email progress and they would tell me that the case has been closed and to submit anoth ticket. The last one I sent I included my Drivers license pic, my pic and my code, I did speak to one guy who said he would call me back in an hour, I asked what time that would be and he said was 3:30 here. I asked for his phone extension and he hung up on me. Amazon is sending me a compatiable dong tomorrow and if I cant get in my account, I am heading on a flight to california and filing an emergency suit to reimburse me the amount the price dropped. Then Ill buy more coins. Im sure they will be happy to see a full dressed Navy Seaman with a service Dog -Piy Bull show up. The money lost is meaningless, I am very retired and was buying at $3 and sold a crap load at $17,000. I dont need those dang coins, but I dont get screwed and brushed off !

  9. Calm down big boy. It is a call for action, the market influencers shall focus more on the real world value crypto technologies brings more rather than what the dopamine fired followers demand, which is price related. Cryptocurrency investors are malinformed, misinformed poor people in numbers, but the ones that move the market, those whales are not and it will remain this way for the foreseeable future; therefore the focus shall shift towards the real world value much more in general in the cryptosphere…

  10. BTC has FAILED. It had one got damned job, and it failed, quickly, spectacularly, and undeniably. Anyone saying different is selling something or an idiot. Trade bitcoin, but the days of hodling are done, it's an asset that follows the stock market PERIOD. Get some alt coins that actually DO something other than be slow and unreliable

  11. Wow I hope everyone can sooner than later grasp what is happening. There own system is failing so there gunna scare everyone into letting go of crypto so they can bail on there currency and scoop up ours

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