The Latest On Bitcoin Taproot Activation

According to data from, the Bitcoin protocol upgrade Taproot is underway to activate and will lock in soon, with the current signaling ratio of 98.23% at the time of writing. Currently, 317 additional signaling blocks out of the remaining 491 blocks are needed in this epoch to lock activation in. Up to this point, only 27 blocks have not signaled Taproot readiness, compared to 1,498 ones that have.

Currently, 99.28% of the Bitcoin network hash rate is signaling Taproot readiness. MaraPool has been mining signaling blocks since Sunday, after its operating company Marathon announced it would stop censoring blocks and start signaling for Taproot in late May. As a result, only the unidentified BTCPool and unrecognized miners have not signaled readiness for the protocol upgrade, per, amounting to less than 1% of the total network hash rate.

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