The Latest Iran-Bitcoin Lie: The Media Got This One Wrong About Iran-Bitcoin Situation

Iran-based sellers on peer-to-peer trading platform LocalBitcoins are currently asking for around 1 billion Iranian rials or over $24000 per Bitcoin (BTC), based …


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  1. Thanks for powering through despite the censorship issues! Loving this channel
    BTW since you have viewers from around the world…
    Iran – "eeran"
    Iraq – "eerak"
    Idaho – "aydahoe"

  2. hello aaron, i want to ask your opinion regarding the altseason. looking at the market condition right now, do you have any timeline when is the altseason will come?

  3. It depends how you look at the Iranian case. If the people of Iran are paying 138,000 IRR per 1 USD and therefor pay $7,595 per BTC, then the Iranian government can buy 1 BTC for $2,311. Or the Iranian government is buying 1 BTC for $7,595 and the Iranian people are buying it for $24,955. All in all the people are paying IRR 1,048,200,000 per 1 BTC and the Iranian government is paying IRR 318,990,000 per 1 BTC, that is the story.

  4. The 4200 Rial for a dollar is only for government institutions and verified businesses under government business low only for the purposes of import of essential goods like medicines and etc it’s basically a subsidise dollar, the real price is the market price which is equivalent to any other online exchange of $7450 and the biggest difference I have ever seen was about $50 per bitcoin due to market price of Rial move rapidly. Plus Iranian have access to almost all of the best exchanges to buy it at market price, just a common sense, just need a VPN

  5. Now mid May and I'm seeing headlines that Iran is giving up the Rial and adopting BTC as national currency… or money… or whatever

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