The Global Significance of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency JUST GOT MASSIVE.

The BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS LAUNCH OWN DIGITAL CURRENCY. Plus XRP and Litecoin news! Like. Comment. Subscribe. Follow us on Twitter: …


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  1. My oppiniom: I would never use that shitbank. China need to ban their politics. They still have as an alternative to Etherscan, and if you ban one, owners can make many copies with different domains so..

  2. Then it makes sense for the BVI to change over all their point of sales (shops,bars,restaurants,etc.) to accept the token. Soncebits all about tourism over there, they want it to be easy for the tourist to change over their currency (card/cash) SO the logical way to do so is put their coin ATMs at their airport and cruise ship docks.
    Other islands in the Caribbean will follow suit…….BOOM

  3. I got a nanos yesterday but cannot install it
    And it doesnt work on mobile phone?
    Thats a funny article
    I think BTC is a big buusiness for the mafia which knows how to manipulate it.

  4. I use Nordea in BTC purchases. No issues thus far, but it wouldn't surprise that I'll have some trouble in the future when cashing out. Hm, I'm actually considering shifting to DNB Nord now…

  5. On one hand I see some reasons behind Nordea Bank, similar to gambling personnel prohibited from participating.

    Then again, some parents treat and expect their kids to behave like pets, while some businesses treat and expect their employees to behave like robots.

    I'd recommend them all to just leave Nordea to dry and die out, some other, better alternative will take its place, one that hopefully treats employees like humans.

  6. CEO of Bakkt (Kelly Loeffler) is just suddenly appointed by governor of Georgia to take his place in the senate until the end of the upcoming election.. Do a little digging, Kelly and Trump are good long time friends and also have MANY connections. (He has sent her to PGA events, and trump administration/Republican party got TONS of donations from them. .. OH YEA, btw, Kelly owns the NYSE…

    It doesn't take a genius to see what is happening here.. Trump just got Wall ST. into the senate.

    I'm officially scared for the suppression of bitcoins price :/

  7. Check out HEX – it is not a scam; it is a new and speculative financial instrument mimicking a bank product. It which or may not gain traction in time – only the market will tell. Here are few points:

    1) Everyone supporting/investing HEX – putting ETH in the Adoption Amplifier – assumes the ETH origin address goes to Richard (even if it is not said), so great job detectives! My response: Who cares? Richard came up with it and did the work.

    2) Early BTC holders got rich. The vast majority of "hodlers" have less than $1,000/US in BTC and gained next to nothing or they've LOST MONEY (that evil fiat they so hate so much but want so much of). This is a plain fact maximalists continuously ignore.

    3) BTC as HEX, was created out of "thin air" and the EXACT arguments are used against BTC by mainstream investors, banks, etc. (except the origin address aspect), but only a fool doesn't know early adopters are all the rich ones and no one else is. That is the hypocritical maximalist mantra – I'm rich so I tell you that BTC is the only thing and everything else is a scam. WHAT IS THE DIFFERECNE BETWEEN WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND WHAT RICHARD DOES? They all say (disclaim) "I am not giving investment advice" and then do just that. What they are doing is simply SUPPORTING THEIR INVESTMENT over anything else! Seriously, tell me how I am wrong (that is rhetorical – no one can). BTC maximalists doth protest too much …

    4) A big objection now is: The free claiming is not nearly as good as transforming ETH via the Adoption Amplifier. WHY SHOULD IT NOT BE LIKE THIS? I should get more for being a BTC "hodler" than INVESTING REAL MONEY IN THE PROJECT WHEN IT IS HIGHLY SPECULATIVE? Come on! If you think that, you simply do NOT understand ANY investment and have no business investing in anything.

    5) Intelligent HEX supporters – and there are quite a few, much to the chagrin of the few rich maximalists and their broke drones – hope for a price of 10-50 cents/US in 2-5 years. That would be a fantastic return. All these "scam" talkers act like they are saying something new – it’s the same BS over and over. Most of these “interviewers” and "journalists" are like horribly amateur kiddies ill prepared in the subject matter (quite a few say they have not even checked into it!). HEX is transparent – and the origin address "controversy" is easy to figure out. READ the Web page, watch the vids and join the telegraph channel (best place to go for help/knowledge).

    6) If you like it, great, if you find it too speculative, good for you. Warren Buffett finds BTC too speculative – is HE a bad investor? Do better. If you are broke, don't spend! Free claim and stake for at least five years – could be great returns … also may be nothing. BTC will NOT go to 100k or 200k in the next 2-5 years (as I keep seeing the crypto cultists say again and again). Obviously that is my opinion, but it is based upon facts. BTC is too "known" for that to occur. It is also now being manipulated by the huge Chinese mining farms (another thing the maximalists ignore time and time again). Things like BTC – at this point in their history – do not go up 10X or 100x or 1000x in a relatively short time. Crypto kiddies thinking they will get rich with little to no investment and or lots of time are delusional. YOU ARE TOO LATE!! The maximalists want millions of you to spend your pittance on BTC making them more rich and you often lose or get very little return (think the past 2 years). The hypocrisy in crypto is ASTOUNDING.

    7) My thoughts for me personally are: Get a couple million coins for a grand or two and hope it goes to 10 to 50 cents in 2-5 years. I think it could be a decent product if it gains traction. I have not seen many others that seem to do anything much besides BTC being "online gold" (store of value). If BTC IS Online gold, think kiddies – can you make a fortune in gold? Not for the past lifetime and beyond (unless you started with a LOT). You'd be better off in virtually any other asset class – including stocks, bonds, art and even comic books! That is another inescapable fact. BTC being Online gold and pretty well known may NOT provide much better returns than gold at this point. I hope it does as I have some (I have quite a bit more value in BTC than HEX), but I am not holding my breath for "to the moon" like the kiddies …

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