The Future of Ripple XRP? Should I Invest? [Xrapid Roadmap News]

Watch this video! Ripple XRP has just went through a major milestone. Today we talk about xrapid and the future of cross border payment. Are you invested in …


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  1. $589 is all that needs to be said. If that prediction by a troll that has been right before on predictions doesn't get the blood pumping, nothing will. I'm buying $6,000 tomorrow of XRP and another $30,000 after my stocks are done rocketing. Got my money tied up in stock TTNP at the moment waiting for it to erupt soon.
    My XRP guess for EOY is $100 low, $200 high.

  2. XRP Ripple is playing a key roll in Mass Adoption. The only crypto group that`s actually making deals with real life companies. Imagine banks, financial institutions (moneygram, Western union, SBI etc) starts using XRP there are estimated $21trillion and growing in circulation throw out banks and financial institutions. XRP will probably turn out to be the standard..please dont kill me for saying that but the facts are actually out there. HAVE A READ:

  3. Just watched a video about "5 altcoins that will be gone by 2020" XRP, Tether, Iota, BCC & Verge. Many people don't trust XRP because it's a bankster coin… I'm one of them!

  4. Big banks have time and money to wait it out and even create their own solution. Swift has their hands in them as well. I think the big ones won’t join and want to own their own solution. Not saying XRP will not thrive, but look at Walmart, no applepay etc. they had to create their own thing. They are big enough with enough money.

  5. Surely if XRP is only used for a few seconds and then converted back into fiat the token velocity is so high that the circulating supply will be relatively unaffected and token demand and price won't particularly rise.

  6. My only concern is whether xrp is required to be used with XRapid. I’ve read that it is not required. If it’s not required then what is xrp good for? Can you clarify this for us?

  7. I don't really like XRP personally, but I have nothing against making a little money. XLM is way better, but XRP is beating them to market. Sometimes the better tech doesn't win, its whoever makes it to market first. If the big banks start using XRP, they wont have any reason to use XLM.

  8. I like XRP. I want a LOAD of it. But I don't see it as a "destination" currency. As Aaron said, it's a bridge currency, not only for its practical use, but a bridge from fiat into crypto as well. I plan to HODL XRP for awhile, and continue accumulating it. For now, I see it as the best tool for the job. But it is to currency what the FAX machine was to the written word. It is not yet at the level of text messaging. As the evolution proceeds, I'll trade my XRP for the next step… or with a little lick and foresight, maybe skip that and invest early in the step after that.
    Thanks for wonderfully informative videos, and for bringing together an audience where I can compare opinions from many perspectives.


  10. If XRP would make the same (speculational) swing up it would be at $11 eoy. Though, this year is different from last year. XRP has from now on an actual use case. $10 – $25 eoy is definitely not out of reach.

  11. people talking why the price didn t go up?they went live when we jumped from 44 to 70,just look at july with same marketcap and then look at the difference in volume.they just announced it at swell that xrapid was live.wait for more routes starting soon.we re going to the moon.

  12. XRP clearly has a use case-it provides liquidity to cross border payments. Ripple has established a lot of partnerships already. In Marketing 101, if your core product is not yet acceptable to your target customers, you might as well come up with an innovative solutions that is acceptable to them and will hook them up. Once the relationship, trusts and regulatory climate are already ripe, then it would be easy for your core product to be accepted and utilized by them. This is the Ripple team is doing. Ripple, the company, is hodling a lot of XRP's. It is for their best interest that the coin will be adapted. And we are going there. The best time to buy is now. Just saying.

  13. I love xrp last year when no one did, but should you invest? It’s based on your morals, where I live xrp will help a lot of people. But take this with a grain of salt, brad said in interview that “higher the price of xrp, is better for xrp’s usecase”

  14. Once Xrapid is adopted by many companies and they see how Xrapid works alongside Xcurrent utilising the XRP token they will have no doubt that it's not only faster and more efficient but they will also find out it's value by how much money it will be saving them ….and I'm talking billions, So really wether you like it or not XRP and ripple is here to stay as are a lot of other good projects out there. It's simply a long term hold for me wether I like what they stand for or not. Gr8 vid Guys.

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