The First MAINSTREAM Cryptocurrency Bull Cycle Is HERE! Joe Rogan & Barstool BOTH Pumping Bitcoin!

Joe Rogan did it AGAIN! Joe Rogan Is Talking Bitcoin! + Dave Portnoy (Barstool Sports) Is Ready To Go ALL IN On This Cryptocurrency! Let’s discuss this and …


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  1. To me, the importance is not that Joe Rogan and Dave Portnoy may talk about BTC since they do not understand BTC well and cannot explain it well, but that their interest will bring in guests such as the W. twins and other notable crypto personalities who can explain things clearly and that is what will get more people to overcome their blind spots.

  2. Cash app is the worst way to buy it. Don't think so, try and get your BTC off it…

    He doesn't know how to buy BTC? My 68yr old mom buys it. She got her first smartphone last year so she could. How the hell did he get out of bed and dressed if he can't figure that out.

  3. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing to get more, while the poor spend the the rich yet not investing like the rich

  4. Where are you helpful people. ? İ really need help. I'm not a crook or a thief. Please help me. Only 0.7 BTC i need. My BTC wallet .

  5. Where are you helpful people. ? İ really need help. I'm not a crook or a thief. Please help me. Only 0.7 BTC i need. My BTC wallet .

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  7. Dave Portney says it exactly how the mainstream feel. If you want to get the average person into Bitcoin they need to be able to buy and have their Bitcoin held in somewhere they trust whether it is Coinbase or the Bank or whatever. As a person that has loved Crypto since way back in 2013 I can honestly say that we have to stop always pushing for this idea that you have to hold onto your own keys. I can tell you now that the average Joe is far more likely to lose their crypto from losing their phone, losing their seed phrase or computer crashing etc etc than from a hack from a reputable exchange like Coinbase. We are at a point now where crypto could really take off again but when people want to get into it we as crypto lovers have to back off a bit from the paranoid, libertarian and conspiracy theorist crap that many go on with.

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  9. Dave a modern Neanderthal man too lazy to do a bit of learning "i don ged dit" must be the stupidest phrase in the English language. It's like what? dumb ass can't U read?? Whatever! he could rot With his nickels and dimes dumb ass.

  10. Hey Altcoin Daily, love your content. I'm interested in why you call Hex centralised, do you believe that Richard+team own a large amount of the coins and hence it is centralised?

  11. Satoshi being unknown is far better. If it was a person we knew, the Fed would do everything to destroy them. It was genius for the creator to remain unknown, especially since someone arrogant would want to take credit for it. Also for the barstool guy; I bought bitcoin in less than 10 min without having an account. You have the internet these days; you can no longer plead ignorance of information. I recommend googling “how to buy bitcoin” and proceed from there.

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  13. U really want mass adoption……donate 100 dollars worth of any cryto to the top ten youtubers……they will start talking about it when they see there investments pump…….the point is people dont get into it because it's scary, it's full of scams, its untrustworthy, the list goes on…….people just dont trust it, once people have some, they realise that actually its trusted and is worth investing in

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