The Ethereum (ETH) Price is Tanking — HERE'S WHY!?! [Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Altcoin News]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about: This AI Tracked Unusual Market Behavior Before Today’s Big Crypto


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  1. Most trading volume in Ethereum in 2017 occurred in the range of $10 to $50. Its easy to see using Volume Profile on TradingView. If price drops to that level then people who thought Ethereum good value in Q1 2017 might buy it again. Secondly Ethereum did not support the millions of loyal GPU miners who made it all possible. Whereas Monero maintained rewards and Asic resistance. Therefore why would miners support the Ethereum network with compute power and continue to hold the Ethereum coin?

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  3. eth's price may be at its lowest price since july of last year but its still above its satoshi value from last december.. most coins are hovering above its satoshi low from that time right before they had their massive breakout so im feelish bullish especially with btc flatlining at the 6k range. its like everything is coming to place for a perfect bottom so keep your head up peeps!

  4. Dude i'm sorry but you don't know what you are talking about and shouldn't be giving advice for trading. The short opportunity was so crystal clear at $7400. Anyone who was going long up there is an emotional moon boy gambler just praying for a winning trade. Let me guess… you have only been trading for a short time and have no prior trading experience. Also clear you have lost money since you started and are not a full time career derivatives trader. Please don't run people down the wrong path i cant stand channels like this.

  5. just like in past history the railroad stole peoples property then raised the price on it goldman is stealing peoples coins cause they are scared and when gold gets what they want then they will let the price go up this is what happens when the big people get involved beware and hold and relax

  6. Ethereum is a mis-managed project. They have made promises and even set dates (e.g., POS) that have never materialized. Then they say they are going after the credit card business, but have made no real progress, and then just stopped talking about it. They instead talk about a kid's game. The leadership is too developer focused and inexperienced in business matters. While this is evident in many areas, one notable area is their lack of brand management. These guys have gone as far as to say they don't care about the price of Ethereum. Could you imagine the CEO of any major company saying that. Instead those leaders are required to manage the public perception and to safeguard investor interests (e.g., the price of ether?). The Ethereum leadership doesn't get this and "we" the holders of eth are suffering. It is hard to see how this project can succeed at anything without new management.

    This isn't a college science fair. It is not wise to invest in something that is run by people who say they don't care if the price of the investment goes up or down.

  7. Whales are in total control of the market. My strategy is buy now wait 2 to 3 weeks when it hits 7000 ish sell. rinse and repeat. The volume is low and the market is being manipulated.

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  9. When the stock market falls a part you will start seeing what's up. This kind of manipulation is obvious in the gold and silver market. The cabal wants everybody invested in fiat.

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