THE ENTIRE WORLD Is Flipping BULLISH On Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency (In 2020). HUGE Bull Run Is Coming!

An Unbelievable PERCEPTION SHIFT Has Happened This Year! Bitcoin Is Looking VERY BULLISH! And (Surprisingly) So Is Crypto In General. Let’s Discuss.


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  1. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping while the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich such a pity.

  2. ATTENTION PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND GEO POLITICS which  ALSO rule THE FUTURE OF CRYPTO, especiallybitcoin!  I have an inside information that usa currency will be backed by platinum,  gold,  silver. the nesera, gesera act is in the process of being implemented since quite some time, WE do see it with ie hiring of people overseeing banks now, ending hunger, all peace agreements trump signed even just recently,  the reformation of the fed, the treasury and fed being aligned,  which got each president killed in the past just trying to do so, and many other 5hings Trump signed and put in place. I study lot of things outside of bitcoin to get the whole picture! The money printing may on purpose,  there is a debt jubilee in plan, some people supposedly already had their credit card debt or auto loan removed in the first trial.  Major corrupted firms are paying billions of fines to the US government which is happening all at once as we see. Tech anti trust…we SEE the act of nesara! So basically I received numbers of what physical Gold, silver, paper gold n silver and BTC will be worth.
    I'm mega shocked! BTC moves up due to inflation, and money printing…and the monetary system. BUT!! Once nesera,gesera rolles out by end of year or January, all changes! The reset! Gold price gonna be INSANE and btc will lose its use case, as the current situation will transform, and is estimated at about 46 dollars! Maybe something we all don't expect happens and am concerned as all of our money is tied into crypto. Anyone also have insights into nesera, gesera?? Is an amazing thing but it will mess us crypto ppl up so am wondering to invest more in physical metals to shift. Would hate seeing my btc go to 46 bucks lol

  3. With the on going elections, everyone seems to be distracted, i have managed to maintain balance and still make huge profits more to come considering the post election boom coming from the bitcoin market, i just invest with my trader Derrick Payne comfortably, i basically earn while i go about my activities.

  4. So I was listening to a video today … can’t remember the creator … he stated that the price of Bitcoin doesn’t go up based on how much is purchased but how much it is used to purchase … hope that makes sense ……. your thoughts would be appreciated!

  5. Sup, great review!

    Do you know about duckdao?? I found many info of experienced opinion about their future and I want to invest some cash. What is your advice/opinion? Thanks for your reply

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